Thursday, October 20, 2005

Mr. Yucky

About Mr. Yucky one post down.

He is a friendly spider who lives out side. The picture may have been taken with some tricky camera skills in order for him to appear larger than life.

In real life Mr. Yucky is a bit bigger than a quarter including all his legs. So from my desk he is about the size of well a smudge on the window. I do know which smudge he is because he is a slightly different color than all the other smudges. Yeah I don't know when they clean those windows.

How long has he lived at the office....A couple weeks I think. Like I said he lives out of doors and keeps yucky bugs from moving into the office so I have no problems with his little home. But if he crosses the line he might get the boot. But it is pretty cool to see him so close without actually having to get with in web distance. IE through the glass.

HE has pretty colors to. Nature study.