Thursday, May 04, 2006

Have you ever dreamed of falling.

Its a fit of maddness to try and catch your self. Being chased ... no....not even falling at break neck speeds. Its a crazy trap to fall but never find the bottom. I always wonder whats at the end. A bed of rose peatals, crocs, may be a nice nest of silk...I don't suppose it matters.

Just a bit of falling. Leaf from a tree that never finds a root.

Well I am not dead. I have not fallen. Nore have I stopped.

I am just at a point where I have no idea how you parents handle all this. I am not a parent but I know that most of you are. You have kids, jobs, lives and still find time to blog and knit. I seem to fail this timing issue. I can job...I have to job. I can knit or spin.....then the world holds still. Like piece of fruit in a jello mold. I bobble and worrble only to finally melt into a pile of gross overly sweet yuckyness.

News... I have lots of news. I have lots of thanks yous. I have not read my email in over a week..... That has to be a record.

The job is good. I am being trained and all sorts of stuff. My trainer is driving me mad with to much nit pick stuff. SO I say Apple instead of Adam. I am an individual....I might add that I am pretty good on a computor and feel very comfortable finding my way around. But with a new system it might take me a couple of trys to get to my destination. My trainer gives me no time.... Chill dude its new...I can find it...yeah I also know when the comp makes that beepy sound there is a prob. But some times that beepy sound just helps get the frustration out.

I am about 25 years my trainers junior....but I ain't a dumbass.

Sonny is good. We are painting our bedroom this weekend. I am painting our bedroom this weekend. Cause we bought a new bed. Its killer.

Other news....I bought a drum carder....Its lovely.

No pictures. Cause I have not taken a picute in months....really.

I am hoping to hope back on my daily comp time when things become more normal. Or I figure out a way to put 3 more hours in the day.

Till we knit again.
This is Miss Purl signing off for the night.
Sleep well!