Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My goal.

I have several Goals for this week. One of them is to make some more of these necklaces. Red and black, red, purple, and a jewel tone cascade of color in different size beads. I just like the picture and the necklace looks good on everyone.
I also have at least five sets of my new stitch markers to take pictures of and list.
Two holiday shows to apply for. The handmade Nw show at pioneer sq and the DaVinci show at DaVinci.
I also have a little paper work to finish.
Three packages to mail off.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Back to Fall

Fall is here again. The trees out side my house are no longer green but yellow. YELLOW. When did that happen? It seems way to early for trees to become naked.

One of the many great things about Fall is Halloween. Sonny has Halloweened the house already. There are witches, pumpkins, and black cats adorning walls all over the house. Makes me want to knit a black spider web....I wonder if there is a pattern for that?

Enjoy the day!