Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I found this widget on Donni's Blog and I think they are cool. I need to up load some knitting pictures. Or pets.

We took Angus to the dog park and he had a blast. Running running running. I want to take the roo with us next time this dog park has a big dog side and a little dog side. Sonny is afraid that roo will have blind dog issues with new dogs. But I might take him all by him self. He might like a big smelly doggie place to run.

In the knitting news we have really nothing. I knit on my afghan sq but it is not quite finished. I am still un sure if I like it on the eights. But class is in the next couple days so I will see what others look like. Maybe someone will have taken it down a size.

Till we knit again

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Light pink rubber stitch markers

I love my new camera. It takes good pictures.

These are my stitch markers for my throw. There fun.

I was thinking of making my self a pair of earrings too. I need to find more of these...Cause I like them.


The class pattern

So what is the pattern? I think it is this Great Aran Afghan or a version very similar. I thought my booklet was from Paton's. But I have not got the actual book yet. They were out of stock so I am using a photo copy of the first sq until my book comes in. I have 10 lines of the first sq to finish. I don't know if I like how it knit up on eights. I may reknit it on 7s to see if I like it better.

I picked a very soft yarn that shows cables ok. But the purl stitches between my cables seem wonky. It might just be me and the fact that I like tight cables. I thought I was going to knit on sevens to start out with but you know I have no idea were my sevens are. I must own a pair but I could not find straight or circular sevens.

The yarn is misti alpaca cotton/silk. your now going duhhh ment for drape not for cables. I liked it and it does show up pretty well. I am using kiwi/ khaki/ and one other that I have not decided on.

Socks are knitting slowly as I knit them at work and have several days off.


Friday, March 23, 2007

Lampwork Stitch Marker Bracelet

I don't know if these are really what people want. But I had a blast making them and hope to make some more. I love how different they are and the beads I got to use. They look good on too. Kind of like a charm bracelet only for stitch markers. I know some people don't like stitch markers but... I do. There also a challenge for me to keep them unique and flowing. Stitch Marker Bracelet

Either way I hope that other like them. I have an order to fill for a store and I am excited about it. Its small but that's ok.

The knitting is going good and I am going to take a class. Um yeah more for the company and cheering crowd. It has a couple new techniques that I am looking forward to.

Knit on!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

New Favs.

So I had to lay off buying yarn and beads...and I need to add some decorations to my room. So I bought some ACEO trading cards in the above style to frame. They are not here yet but I love them. They are perky cute and a little sexy.

My socks are progressing.... I am trying to decided if I want the cable in the front or down the back. HRRRM.

By the way that is my craft room before I cleaned it. Yes that is a real xray and oll those rubbermaind tubs are full of yarn. No that is not all of them. I think one of those has jewlery tools in it though.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Look Knitting

New Camera day 1 010
Originally uploaded by Miss Purl.
Its a sock...or it will be when it grows up. I don't like the cable change I made at the end so it will have to come out or at least a portion of it. I Love the yarn. The blues are so vivid. I hope the other sock turns out to be just as bright.

Friday, March 09, 2007


I like to think I knit well...but sometimes I go about my knitting and create a big pile of garbage.

In the case of the fingerless mitts...we will not admit to garbage but my pointy sticks and I will say CRAP and RIP were involved.

The knitting will continue. But only after a mild break. And some Sock yarn shopping.

see the lovely sock yarn now and please refrain from mentioning...the mitts.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Imagine muffin

Imagine muffin
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SO someday there will be knitting pictures but so far there are none. Maybe when I get home tonight I will have a little picture taking molment. .... or a drink..... I could have both.

I have nothing great to report and nothing horrid to report. SO far it has been a good day.


Friday, March 02, 2007


I have never been much of a handbag girl...but I must say I have a few that I am eyeing...

and one that I bought.

So here it the one I am looking at right now. The shape is so cute! I have one of her bags already in the sunshine design. I love it. Perfect for my checkbook, mints, cell, lip balm, and socks in progress.

Blue eyes