Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I found this widget on Donni's Blog and I think they are cool. I need to up load some knitting pictures. Or pets.

We took Angus to the dog park and he had a blast. Running running running. I want to take the roo with us next time this dog park has a big dog side and a little dog side. Sonny is afraid that roo will have blind dog issues with new dogs. But I might take him all by him self. He might like a big smelly doggie place to run.

In the knitting news we have really nothing. I knit on my afghan sq but it is not quite finished. I am still un sure if I like it on the eights. But class is in the next couple days so I will see what others look like. Maybe someone will have taken it down a size.

Till we knit again


marti said...

Yeah! Another pupster named Angus! I was hoping to get home this weekend, but alas I am on call so maybe sometime in May. Sigh >