Sunday, January 29, 2006

Little Moose

Its about thirty shades of grey out here. Plus its raining..I don't mean pitter pat. I mean downpour rivers floating along the side of the road. If you put a boat in the puddle it might end up on the other side of town.

Marti knows what I mean.

Makes me want to snuggle up next to a fire with a certain someone. But I get the booby prize... I am at work.

Knitting a little bit.

Friday, January 27, 2006

run don't walk

Go check these beads out...


Did you look.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Just call me swatch girl

Third times a charm....


Indigo girls couple hours. show. see with sonny.

Short version.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Happy Birthday and a little Stash

Its Sonny's Birthday today......

we had a Party!

But now I am tired, grumpy, and my neck hurts.

SO I leave you with stash picutes....

I dont' know if I have shown my stash ever...But here is a portion of it. The bottom two shelves and a couple spots inbetween are my knitting books and patterns. The basket is my Pendlton wools and coned wools. I think there is some cotton in there. You can't see it all either there is another basket like this under the table.

The Drawer with Frankie peeking over is my spinning drawer. Its full of good things to spin and some to dye. It also has my a box of knitting notions in it. I think this drawer holds a collection of prettiest colors.

Frankie is yet again in with my bead stash. This is just whats in the drawer I have a large collection of spice jars that hold my purty beads and bobbles. Then there is a seperate place for seed beads. Many many beads hiding out here.

I bet you can guess the next one. Its my handspun stuff. I am sure you have seen most of it before but here it is on display with the crazy log cabin. Its Becky's quilt but very very cool looking.

Lastly for the night we have more yarn and a tiny amount of fabric. There are acctually two of these orange bins of yarn and a large TV box....But they make for kind of boring pictures. I know thats a lot of yarn...but what can I say I have big dreams of someday being able to knit more than what I do now. That is however my only bin of fabric....

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Got sticks..will knit

Image hosting by Photobucket

Lots of socks on lots of pointy DPN's...This is just wats recent. I got a couple more pairs tucked attention wanes to new shiny sock yarn.


Boring patterns you say.... I say Bite Me. I Got plans big plans. I just don't have the attention span to tackle them right now. But looky looky I am knitting socks with my three ply... My own handspun three ply. Its a very great feeling. I know I have knit with my own handspun before...but this is different those were all singles. This is a navajo plyed 50/50 merino tencel.

But I digress. There some socks. Finished and unfinished.


Monday, January 23, 2006

One down

One great FABULOUS Trekking sock down...

One to go....I can't wait to finish and start the other color way.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


I am going to make Mariah from Knitty.... Now I just need to swatch and decide if I want to keep the yarn white or make it a different color. I am thinking I like the charcoal.

Swatch swatch...Must start to swatch.

Button from Donni

Saturday, January 21, 2006

06 knits

What I want to knit in 2006
Basic v-neck
Ruffles Shawl
Cropped cardi...Thanks Donni

there may be a trend with cables in there...
Not maybe in that order... I have yarn for half these projects.
I am sure there are more But for know that's the list.

a very big list...Seems how I have never finished a sweater I started.

I might finish them...Some day.

Friday, January 20, 2006


Reason number 46 for carrying a sock in progress with you at all times.

You never know when you are going to have to stop for a train. A train that is not moving...Then it goes forward then it stops some more.... And finally it goes backwards. You can get a lot of sock knitting done in the time it take a train to make up its mind.

I went BEAD shopping...Beads are like yarn...Only they take up less space. Besides I really really like making stitch markers..Which is about the only thing I bead these days but I was thinking for the Knitters Olympics I might try some bead knitting. There was a stunning bag at the local yarn shop. STUNNING!

But the beads I bought...

I know they all look similar but...They are not! I bought some other random pieces but nothing so special as the lampwork beads. The first two are not really knitting friendly as they would snag. But I will find some great use for them...

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Dancing feet

I think this yarn is going to make my feet dance.

I like the cool stripes and the funky gradation with the three plys making and changing colors. Its a very cool effect.

But what I really like is the fabric . On my 1's it is making the best fabric. Light but dense with a nice warm feel. So far the trekking socks are GRRRRRRRRReat.

Its color 105 in grouping of lovely muted warm earth tones. I can't wait to finish them so I can slip them on and have a walk around.

It makes me want to go find some more. But I need to knit a couple projects before I go out looking for more sock yarn. LOL I seem to have found my self in a sock rut and am thinking I need a fun knit to jump start a bigger project. I also need to find something for the knitters Olympics. Looking and knitting. Reading and breathing...The aleve kindda kicked in so I don't feel quite so crappy.

My head

I guess really its my neck but it hurts...And my aleve has not kicked in yet...I took it about 1.5 hours ago.....

The coke machine is outta coke and I have paper work to finish............yicky.

I am tired but mostly my neck hurts.

SO I am going to make some copies and knit with a cup of tea for a little while and hope my head gets lopped off before I pull it off. Who knew that balancing a ten pound head all day everyday would be such a pain in the neck.

I think I want to take a yoga class..Can you take that without a head?

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sock down

I got myself a finished pair of socks....I just didn't take a picture. Its on the to do list.

But I did manage a little shopping...For yarn.

I finally made it to Abundant Yarn & Dyeworks. Tres cool and huge its massive and they have a large area for knitting and sipping. I will have to go back.... they were real nice to. Its always a plus. So where here is booty.

Wait that's not the right booty. That is what I have been spinning. Purty ain't it. Sharon see I told you it did not stay in fiber form for long. It made its self into some lace singles for a project yet to be determined. The other is some pink stuff I fluffed up and the colors is the project I navjo plyed using Donni's row row method... it turned out much less overspun. Once again I have spun something I don't know what it will become. But its pertty but very Easter eggish.

Trekking yarn....and some Prism yarn in a lovely lovely rainbow colorway. Socks and scarf. Or new pets.

They have some killer yarn and they have Gems which I really want to try. But first Trekking.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Look knitting

Its knitting and surprise there socks...Well there feet and part of the legs.

What you can't see is the little flower lace that is on the foots and up the heel. But its really darn hard to take a picture of your own foot. I know I tried.

Saturday, January 14, 2006



what happened to the kits?

I like the flipping of this button

goal today is to make a purl button...with no flipping.

Image hosted by


I am a knitter.

Sometimes a bitter knitter.

But mostly an unfinished knitter.

I am fairly happy just chugging along on what ever takes my fancy....

Finishing something is just an added perk.

but now I need to make and finish a baby shower project.


ITs for a boy...

what should I mindful that I like interesting things but I only have until the twenty third.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

I am not really away just in a little funk...

so here is the 2006 scoop

I got fabulous things in the mail....
A cute little snowman and some chocolates...Yummy
a wonder full tribey pressie from a very wonderful Sharon. Everything was a hit. The fiber is spun and so so so soft. My Sonny has been reading those mags and enjoying them. Let me know if your sis in Law wants some American ones cause we got a few lying around.
The sock yarn in mulling over what it wants to become and the
The angel is still hanging on the tree next to the partridge.
And the lovely Christmas towel is hanging on the fridge door.
I enjoyed the cards both email and in the mail. Thank you all so much. I feel special.

But Christmas at our house is official over. The last presents were opened last night. Yes were slow.....Deal with it. Birthdays start next week.

I applied for a new job....Took the test an had the interview now its on to the background check.......Cross your bits for me as Donna has said.

Still have car accident stuff to deal with.
The buns neck is still bugging and surgery may be needed.

Frankie and Sesbastion ate some fleas and had to visit the docs. Frankie also ate a piece of Christmas ribbon...yucky.

I locked my keys in the car for the first time this year yesterday..This weekend I get the breaks fixed and week after keyless entry installed.

I have been knitting socks and spinning some yummy fibers.

I dyed some yarn and it turned out not to match what I was trying to get it to match. GRRRR...I need to get some more dyes if I want to make stripy yarns...Which I do. I owe Minx some yet. I also dyed a sweater then took it apart...but a wee cat whom likes to eat objects back kicked it into a big pile of not yarn.

Kinda in a funk but I defunking as we speak....Pictures to come.