Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Happy Birthday and a little Stash

Its Sonny's Birthday today......

we had a Party!

But now I am tired, grumpy, and my neck hurts.

SO I leave you with stash picutes....

I dont' know if I have shown my stash ever...But here is a portion of it. The bottom two shelves and a couple spots inbetween are my knitting books and patterns. The basket is my Pendlton wools and coned wools. I think there is some cotton in there. You can't see it all either there is another basket like this under the table.

The Drawer with Frankie peeking over is my spinning drawer. Its full of good things to spin and some to dye. It also has my a box of knitting notions in it. I think this drawer holds a collection of prettiest colors.

Frankie is yet again in with my bead stash. This is just whats in the drawer I have a large collection of spice jars that hold my purty beads and bobbles. Then there is a seperate place for seed beads. Many many beads hiding out here.

I bet you can guess the next one. Its my handspun stuff. I am sure you have seen most of it before but here it is on display with the crazy log cabin. Its Becky's quilt but very very cool looking.

Lastly for the night we have more yarn and a tiny amount of fabric. There are acctually two of these orange bins of yarn and a large TV box....But they make for kind of boring pictures. I know thats a lot of yarn...but what can I say I have big dreams of someday being able to knit more than what I do now. That is however my only bin of fabric....


Donna said...

Happy Birthday Sonny!
Those pics are droolworthy, Danielle. >

Karen said...

Oh I love looking at other people's stashes. I think because it makes me feel less guilty about my own. Yours looks great and I would love to poke through it! ;) >