Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Got sticks..will knit

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Lots of socks on lots of pointy DPN's...This is just wats recent. I got a couple more pairs tucked away...my attention wanes to new shiny sock yarn.


Boring patterns you say.... I say Bite Me. I Got plans big plans. I just don't have the attention span to tackle them right now. But looky looky I am knitting socks with my three ply... My own handspun three ply. Its a very great feeling. I know I have knit with my own handspun before...but this is different those were all singles. This is a navajo plyed 50/50 merino tencel.

But I digress. There some socks. Finished and unfinished.



Donna said...

I think your handspun is the prettiest one! >

Donni said...

Navajo plyed? Did I hear you say Navajo Plyed? >

Jade said...

Hooray for knitting with your own hadspun - congrats! >