Thursday, January 12, 2006

I am not really away just in a little funk...

so here is the 2006 scoop

I got fabulous things in the mail....
A cute little snowman and some chocolates...Yummy
a wonder full tribey pressie from a very wonderful Sharon. Everything was a hit. The fiber is spun and so so so soft. My Sonny has been reading those mags and enjoying them. Let me know if your sis in Law wants some American ones cause we got a few lying around.
The sock yarn in mulling over what it wants to become and the
The angel is still hanging on the tree next to the partridge.
And the lovely Christmas towel is hanging on the fridge door.
I enjoyed the cards both email and in the mail. Thank you all so much. I feel special.

But Christmas at our house is official over. The last presents were opened last night. Yes were slow.....Deal with it. Birthdays start next week.

I applied for a new job....Took the test an had the interview now its on to the background check.......Cross your bits for me as Donna has said.

Still have car accident stuff to deal with.
The buns neck is still bugging and surgery may be needed.

Frankie and Sesbastion ate some fleas and had to visit the docs. Frankie also ate a piece of Christmas ribbon...yucky.

I locked my keys in the car for the first time this year yesterday..This weekend I get the breaks fixed and week after keyless entry installed.

I have been knitting socks and spinning some yummy fibers.

I dyed some yarn and it turned out not to match what I was trying to get it to match. GRRRR...I need to get some more dyes if I want to make stripy yarns...Which I do. I owe Minx some yet. I also dyed a sweater then took it apart...but a wee cat whom likes to eat objects back kicked it into a big pile of not yarn.

Kinda in a funk but I defunking as we speak....Pictures to come.



Donni said...

Perhaps not in a funk - perhaps just Christmas and New Year have been VERY busy (and generous) with all your lovely parcels Miss Purl - much oooohing and ahhhhhing over this was and Mt Keira Way! Thanks muchly >

Donna said...

You are special!! Lotsa crappy stuff over and done with, lotsa good stuff happening :) >

Jade said...

Yay for defunking! Thanks again for everything - you've been seriously busy! >

Cece said...

I'd love to see those socks!

Thanks so muc for the stitch markers - I had my hubby take (non-blurry) pictures for me, and they are on my blog today!

If it helps you in your funk, the total surprise of getting those was the highlight of a very stressful day. >

Rox said...

Yay - she's back. Don't leave me again for so long - I miss you.


Your clingy, knitterly, needy Bud! >

knitabulous said...

I'm sorry to hear you've been down - because the gift you sent made me very very up.

Very glad to be getting to know you through the tribe girl.

And while I'm at it - do you know I can feel through the blogwaves that there's a serenity and calmness about you that I wish I could channel into myself.

Goodness what's come over me? I'm usually not so nice. >