Monday, November 29, 2004

Effusion Lamps

Have you tried these? Effusion Lamps

Do they work as well as they sound like they should?



Smitten with the idea of mittens. My hands and feet are a little cold this past weekend. I am thinking cozy mitten’s for the great out of doors and wonderful house socks for the insides. But I think I need to finish my Christmas knitting first.

What am I knitting peeps for the great holiday? I am not sure yet.
There is a lot I would like to knit people but really. It is just me and I get distracted by new projects to often to take on knitting for the holidays. But I know I will try and long nights will be inevitable.

I went to Mabel's this weekend for the fun-ness ( a Danielle word) of Queer knitting . I had a great time. I met some very wonderful people who happen to blog Stephanie, from Wild Geese and Marta, from I am still standing. E gads I had fun. Stephanie is a Sock superstar. Marta is picking up the habit after a vacation from it. It was a small group but for me very chatty and just relaxing. Its very odd to meet people from blog land post having read there blog. I am excited and hope to knit with them both again.

I have been working at two jobs for three days and I am all hyped but still tired. I can't seem to settle down and focus on any one thing. If you notice my post is all jumpy. I have been writing it since 3:00 pm and it is now 5:30.

Do people project there problems onto you? I don't know if this is just something that gravitates to me because of my job or because I have something in me. I am not talking friends I am talk out in out strangers. At work even when I talk to people about which department is in charge of that event they still look at me and talk to me as though I can do something.

hrm I should knit.
Be well.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Gift of knowledge

Well I need some of your knowledge.

I am looking for a title.... So I am trying to think of stories, plays, songs. Where a woman kills her lover's. (kill as in strike dead or broken heart)

I know there are a ton out there I am just drawing a blank.

All will be revealed in the end.

I am crabby

I am crabby and mean today. Sorry SMonkey. I loves you I am just crabby.

My hands hurt and I have nothing to take to make it go away.

I hope you all had a happy turkey day. Mine was nice. The bread was super good and the turkey very nice.

This made me wonder the other day.

A man with red hair and a trench coat was walking down the side of the road carrying a toilet plunger undo his arm.

My head keeps thinking that he is some kids potty knight. Defense of the plunger. Faster then drain o and quicker then the snake. He is the plunger dude. Ok my imagination gets to me. This red head may have like a super hero suit under the trench and he is just waiting for an evil villain to mess with him. Or maybe he is using it like a musical instrument. I have this random Memory from college where one of my friends got a plunger stuck to his forehead. I was not there for that part but he walked around with like a half moon suction cup bruise on his head and the story was retold over and over.

ahhhhh memories.

ok typing hurts my hands.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Wicked Wishes

Well not but it sounded really cool in my head.

This has Been a whoorly wind day. I have not even got to talk with Sonny yet. I don't know where she is. But if I put my mind to it and think really hard maybe I will pass a vibe to her to call me. That timed with a couple messages should give a little hint to her that I am looking forward to seeing her.

ok on with the coolest stuff.

The bazaar is done and it was tons of fun. There was not to much traffic but it was fun. I would show you the great set up Becky had but I forgot to take a camera.

I got my yarn for the scarf swap. It is very nice tweedy wool. I have so many ideas now I just have to settle down on one. It is very earthy and soft. This should be a blast. If you have any great scarf ideas let me know.

Then I got this Fabulous package from my SP3, April. It has this wonderful Scrubby turtle and A great Joe Eskimo Vote t-shirt, pin, sticker. She also sent me some yummy mint foot soap and the worlds best card (this card is totally me...if I could be as wild) . I will have to scan it and show it but it is great. Thanks April. I still don't know who you are though, I think you posted about here. So I have been slowly going through the SP3 blogs to see if I can find you. mahh ahha hahh. Cause I want to see what you are about. Thank you a million.

What else came in the mail you ask.... um not the ebay stuff from this one seller who is slow and won't answer my email. I am going to give her negative feedback which I have never done before. But crap. I sent my money to her on the third. It is now the 22. Does that make me a bad person? She won't even answer my emails. I think that is rude.

Ermmm...Happy knitting.


Tuesday, November 16, 2004 sized

My first two socks ever. (They are not quite a pair)

I am a proud sock mama.

Next I tackle big people socks.


Saturday, November 13, 2004

Wicked Sweet!

I got mail. There is something really special about getting mail. No matter what it is. I love email. I love posts. I even just love notes. I need to send out more notes.

My living situation is so odd. I live in one house. Spend most of my time at a different house. But get my Post at my parents house. So it is odd. Unless I am expecting something I don't get to my parents house every day a normal week yields about twice a week. So sometimes I have a plethora of mail. Last week was one of those weeks.

I was RAOKed twice. From Kae and from Tam. They both sent me wonderful treasures and lovely notes. I was so brightened to received both. Tam's came in an Amazon box so at first I walked by it thinking I had just got some books I ordered. But then I realized I didn't order any books from Amazon I used a different company. Inside was a wonderful crochet lapaghan kit. Its great I have never bade such a big crochet blankie in one piece always in squares so this will be a great movie project. Then Kae sent me a very uplifting card and some wonderful stitch markers. I put them on the hat I have been knitting just cause they are cute.

Thank you Both very much.

Other then that mail I got bills. but even that is ok as long as they are not outrageous.

So what about the mail I sent out.

One pal received and confirmed mail. The second has not yet but she lives further away.

Scarf swap yarn has left and been received. I sent this wonderful brown, orange, pink wool its super soft.

The England package left and was received. The second one should be here in a day or two then I will send the rest off.

I also ordered some Orange yarn for a certain Beavers fan hat. I think this Sunday I will pick up the yarn to make secret squirrel x-mas gift.

ebay stuff is still in transit. But I am waiting patiently while others.... cough cough Sonny cough is not quite so.

I have 15 red squares ready to send out on Monday. Then the rest should follow the following Monday.

Wowsers that's a lot of mail.

Sunday, November 07, 2004



Derived from Colorado Knits

Changes and stuff.

Well with the changes of the seasons I think my blog is going to change some too. So let me know what you like and what you don't. Please?

the knitting front is getting down and well I am trying to keep it clean but a certain one eyed dog keeps trying to sleep on it. Blankie is 1/6th to go.

Baby cardi has to be seamed and a collar added.

The WLD knit is four inches long and I have not got to work on it much.

The knit classes are going good. Several scarves have been finished and new ones started. They are all so cool and different.

I sent off three packages on Monday and I am anxious to see what the peeps thought of them. Then I have some more to send out tomorrow including my scarf swap yarn. I am excited about that.

Red Squares:

I think Lynn sent me one. But Now I can't find her envelope> This is the trouble when you are a perpetual mover. You never know where anything is even long after you have moved.

This is a shout out to Sleepy Monkey. Hi. :)

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Secret Pal Fun

While I was taming the jungle of the baby shower blankie yesterday there lurked in my mail pile. A small package. A package from my secret pal.

Now before I show the greatness I have to tell you I am confused.

I got a pretty post card from my SP about a week ago. It had a lovely little message and said it was from Oklahoma. Now I made the assumption my pal was from WA because the packages were post marked from Seattle. So I am a little confused.
I guess it really doesn't matter other then I loved the card and I love the package.

With out further to do I introduce you to the package.

From left to right.

A lifetime of Girlfriends

"Be encouraged and knit together by strong ties of love."

"Friendship is one thing that never fails to age gracefully."

The sayings are very encouraging but with wit and humor. The pages are so cute with women all together having a good time. It also uses different fabric prints and buttons for a flurrish. I like it.

Next we have a fridge magnet. If you have ever been to my house you know that there are word magnets on the fridge. This one says

live with intention.
walk to the edge.
listen hard.
practice wellness.
play with abandon.
choose with no regret.
continue to learn.
appreciate your friends.
do what you love.
live as if this is all there is.
- mary anne radmacher

This to I really like. I will have to be on the look out for one of these for my sis. She post thoughts all over the place to reminder herself of how great life is and to appreciate it.

next we have:
Very cute sheep napkins. I will have to have a tea gathering so I can use these cute little napkins.

Next we have some wonderful little note cards with my initials on them. The front is a big D and you open them and there is a little d. I think these are great.

Thanks much secret pal I am still fondly looking at the yarn I got. It is sitting on my mantel in the only piece of crystal I own. I think the pink is destined to be a cap or scarfette. The mallard is still out. What are your suggestions? Here is what I am talking about.

I have used the stitch markers a lot. I really enjoy them. The picture frame has found a home on my dresser with a picture of my now past cat, Automobile. The dishy is hanging on the fridge looking pretty. I have been looking though my stitch book to see if I can find the stitch you used. I have not yet but I do now have several dishy's to give away. The soap is waiting for the tea party so I can put it out for special company to smell.

I sent my SP's a package this week and I am waiting for them to get to there new homes. I don't know why but I still think mail should get there much quicker then it does.

So I must now go plan a tea party...Do you want to come? What kind of tea should I have? will I require honey or sugar? Yes you can bring your knitting.

More on the blankie when it awakes from a nap.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Da blankie

Da baby Blankie for Mel's shower on the 6th
Here we see it laying in its natural surroundings. The basket.
Nice, quite, and just waiting for you to touch the baby soft yarn.
What you see a sharp object sticking out. You mean its not ready yet? Still on the needles.
The Hussy!
Next we see it sunbathing.
Calm your self. This is rated PG.
This is two thirds of it just hanging out by the work area.

Next we go up and close with the fan pattern.
Watch out it bites.

Wait its on vacation.
In my Locker.
What is happening here?
There is no Hula in here. Please move over this is my space.
NO silly Monkey you can't share my peanuts.
There is no happy dance this is serious blankie business.

Well while we are at the locker lets see what else is in this jungle.
O... The three inches of my WLD jacket.
The weird stuff is just waste cast on yarn.
Its a jungle in there I am sorry but the rest of you are not cleared to see ....

What lies beyond.
Whooo that was tough. Hang tight for tomorrow when we try and document the growth of the baby blankie. It should be a wild trip.
This is me signing off.
disregard all dates on pictures. They were changed to protect the innocent.

The beauty

月は百の新しい考えの考えの満月になる。各々の美しい考え小さい子供の目の照るライト。各々の小さい子供はそこにのライト目を育てる。未来の希望。 おやすみなさいおよび決して停止夢を見ること。