Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Picture mania..

Run run for the hills the pictures are here.

My felted bag. The little pin needs some bead work done on it and the opening still needs a zipper.

The back of the bag and its silk tie strap. SO classy I know but it really looks good slung over one shoulder. Its also so so so so soft.

The wonderful stuff from my secret pal. The punkins are Becky's but thought they needed a photo debut.

Look at the wonderful stitch markers and cloth I got. Aren't they pretty.

Look at the pretty yarn. You wish you could touch it because it is so soft and wonderful. I have big ideas for both. The colors and not really true in this pic but they are so perfect. WoW.

See the turtle frame. I have been trying to find my pictures so I can put one in it. It is all fabulous. I feel so lucky. Thank you thank you thank you!

OK I am off to knit.


FaerieLady said...

That felted bag is just gorgeous! Great job! -- Kae >

Holly said...

The backpack is gorgeous!!! I LOVE the satin straps - the print gives your bag such a wonderful chic air! What a great idea! You did a beautiful job. I'll be felting my first felted project soon (bag is done, just knitting the 5 feet of I-cord now). Yours gives me hope that that limp, ugly thing I call my booga bag will be the beautiful bag I want it to be. IMO they all look so blah before felting! >

Danielle said...

Thanks guys. I really had a lot of fun with this and will make another one.

D >

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bag!! And great photos...debaccuardi.typepad.com >

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