Monday, September 13, 2004

I Got a RAOK..that Rocks

I spent very little time doing none wedding stuff this weekend. I am so pooped, Mel was lovely in her gown and Scott was very nice in a TIE. Took a lot of people to get him to wear it. But it was grand. I don't want to wear my Bridesmaid dress ever again nor do I want to see blue material for a while. I hung a night sky for there breeze way with lights underneath to make stars. That is 12 yards of material 60 inches wide 10 feet in the air.

A lovely depiction of me making a weird face in loo of not having any knitting pics. I have been working on my afghan squares. Red red red. I also died some wool with cool aid with the help from Vidardottir . It is a mix of reds purples and blues. It will make a cool felting project. But it won't match my outfit below.

I also went to woolen Mills to buy wedding stuff and picked up Pendleton Wool. One cone in blue and one in lit tan to dye. I also got some material to make curtains for my front room. Lastly I got undetermined Pendleton yarn it normally has enough wool to felt. $13.90 for it all. That rocks that is almost a pound of wool.

Yeah to future projects.

Then here I a funny pic.

The chat has had a bit to much to eat me thinks. You can't see the third empty dog bowl but it was quite funny to walk in and see Sebastian looking like he ate all the dog food and wanted more.

I have not been home to look at it but I also got RAOK today with some great Bead projects. I am stoked to go and see it. Thanks to Lynne I am so happy and excited about it.

I sent a RAOK out and it should be home in a day or two. I also Sent my Secret Pal a present. Whoo hoo for the gifting.

Back to the squares.


Anonymous said...

You rock! :) Thanks for the tea certificate. I'm so excited.

Betsy >