Wednesday, September 08, 2004

What do you know???

Have you heard, read, or own

Textured Knits

Vogue Crochet Scarves

Knitting with Wire

I have purchased this one

Scarf Style

because of This blog. I really love several of the scarf patterns I have seen in it.

But I want to know what people think of the others for future info.



itgirl said...

I have the crochet scarves. I have it in my car. I recall (because I just got it back yesterday) liking quite a few of the patterns in it enough to want to crochet them, and I am not hugely comfortable with crochet. >

Anonymous said...

you are so good the the suggestions, i'm off to put together a little something for you! i love the the complexity of your interests, thus making it much easier for moi! - - -sp3 >

Cheryl said...


You are a sweetea (that's supposed to be sweetie, I was trying for a play on words). You RAOKed me with a tea certificate. No one, and I mean NO ONE, enjoys tea more than I do. Be certain that I had a blast at the Adagio site. I even ROAKed someone else with tea. Look what you started....
Cheers :-)

Cheryl. >