Friday, September 30, 2005


The first big rain is on.

Oregon driving etiquette:

Things I think are important and well common sense.

Drive with your lights on. Don't question it just do it.

Honking your horn does not make the rain, traffic, or time pass any quicker. You must be from out of town because a lot of Oregonians don't do the honking thing.

Speedy in your big truck slow the (beep) down. You are not in that big of a hurry to get in a wreck. Rearending someone is no good...Makes people pissy and backs up traffic even more. Slow down if the general traffic is going 40 in a 55 there is a reason. No one wants to spend all day in traffic.

I fully recomend cranking up the toons and jamming out. But don't ruin my jam session by blasting your bass and rocking my car. Keep the ear drums safe while you jam.


First Crush:

Well I have never spoken a word to my first crush. It was silent heart break as we passed in the halls of middle school and high school. I am going to google there name and see where they are today.

But this sweater is love at first sight...just like Sonny.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Mystery Shawl 1

Here she is. And yes she is bright pink.
Image hosted by Image hosted by

The pattern is the mystery shawl one. I quite enjoyed seeing how it developed. It is a little on the small side for someone of my size. Its point lands right over my butt. Its like a big arrow.

It is a mix of merino and silk. I was happy to find that one bobbin of lace weight singles made this shawl. Its not really lace weight more of a skinny fat type of lace weight but I like it. It has a little more weight to it than real lace weight but i am getting better with every bobbin I spin. I have quite a bit left of the color so I might try making a couple lacey scarves.

Boogie knits had a couple lace scarf links up the other day and I took a fancy to this one. The Day Flower lace scarf.

I have a list of things I want to make a mile long and it never really seams to bother me to add another one to the stack.

Mystery shawl two starts in a week. I have not decided on the yarn to use for that but I will need to move away from the pink family for a project. I am thinking that I have some great sage or a wonderful burnt orange. Will see I also have some blush pink.

Tomorrow Flock and fiber. Who knows what I will come home with ... Maybe and Idea as to what to make with my pretty Alpaca/merino/silk from SP5. But then again petting it is a nice thing to.

Really this was just going to be a short little picture shot. But my pictures are taking a really really long time to load. WELL no wonder I was trying to load huge pictures.

River is stolling along wonderfully. She is a bit wrinkled at the moment otherwise she would have had a photo op as well. Katrina is all ribbing and that just takes a lot outta you. She is moving though almost to the sleeves. I may see if there is a way to make the sleeves a bit longer. I know others are going to try as well but I just don't do the short sleeve thing well. It may not be freezing here but it gets cold.

Enough rambling.

Friday, September 23, 2005


Trekking socks....

Are trekking around bloggdom and they are flat out gorgeous.

I don't think I have seen one colorway I don't like.

#66, #100's, #browns, #browns,

If I missed yours I am sorry but I can only remember so many gorgeous socks.


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Gonna blow

Hopefully that doesn't sound to obscene. But I was going to show you some finished objects and my works in progress but realized they are all in my car. So I give you the next best thing. Something new.
Meet Frankie
(Butt sniffer)
That is Frankie's nose.

He is a little bit wary of the yarn.

But he will sniff it anyway.

The project Frankie is investigating is not River. Which is out in the car but Katrina Rib top.

This picture reminds me of Kae.

This is Katrina Without Frankie. I had fun making Stitch Markers to go with it.

One day I will have real content again. Tomorrow I might even tell you about the crazy knitters I met tonight. But I need a stiff drink and a moment to process them before I try and tell someone about them.

Monday, September 19, 2005

some pics

Short pair is finished both socks ths second pair has a toe to go.

Random yarn

Stevie in a kitty Pi

a few pictures

Friday, September 16, 2005

Hello and goodbye

I have not written because two rows from finishing something went wrong.

Terribly wrong.

Two rows from finishing.

I am going to try and fix it.


I went for my 11th chiro visit today. I still feel like an ostrich sat on my neck and then like tried to find a comfy spot and did a wiggle.

Tomorrow should be better.

have a fabulous weekend if you don't hear from me.

The pink shawl ate me. But I brought the needles to start my River just incase.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


I am up to 349 stitches across.

The shawl is getting heavy and I had to move it onto 14 knitting needles.

I like single point needles I am just wired like that.

The circular ones just don't have enough to hold onto when I get going. The other thing I have with circles is that unless I am knitting a circle I have to keep stopping and pushing the fabric closer to the end of the needle with single points I seem to be able to do that without stopping.

so close.


You are Barefoot!

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I had to edit this a bit to be a bit more me.


This is my 201 st post.


Do you ever read a post and want to comment but really have nothing to say but you have so much to say. Then you wonder if what you have so say is really worth writing a comment about. So then you start to write the comment then you erase it than start again and then finally just forget the whole thing?

I do this a lot.... Like a lot a lot.

So I started to write lots of comments today but then was like I would ruining a perfectly good conversation if I added my couple of lines and stopped.

I am linking myself to a hermit crab without pinchers.


Have you read about this?

Dusting - Dust off abuse killing mostly kids. We use this stuff at work and at home on the sewing machines. Its so sad.


Pink shawl knitting is still happening but slowly I am closing in on binding off. If it is slow tonight there will be blocking tomorrow.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

bottle of beer

155 Rows finito I have only Forty some more.

But Then I am going to start River. Thanks to my SP.

But I get knitting.

: )

Friday, September 09, 2005


It is Sweater weather. Possibility of Rain. A warm cup of tea and a shawl to knit on.

All I need is Sonny to snuggle with.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Pain in the


I am still not feeling like me. Basically I am a pain in ones sitting area. However I am having pain in my neck which is what I attribute my new found cranky, irritated, and down right bitchyness.

I apologize to all who have come into contact with me.

But some have deserved the stare of duhhhhhh. The lady who kept asking me questions then not waiting for me to answer before her next question then getting mad at me. Lady you did not help me and pause between questions. You don't even have to stop talking just take a breath.

She did have on these amazing earrings though. Great twisted metal with etching in them. Fabulous.

I know I still owe posts but you don't want me to make another list so you get basic writing skills with no pictures. Sorry. This is a knitting blog so with out further to do I have knitting content.

Danielle's version of knitting therapy...

I have knit almost two pairs of socks. They are tres cute. One only needs a toe and about 12 rounds. I made it with my own stripy yarn. I actually got the measurements right to get strips. Granted they are funky colors but still cool. The other pair is the failed striping yarn in my yucky weird color way. They almost strip. I know pictures would help but the camera is not at my desk at the moment.

Mystery shawl is at clue number 4. I am liking it so far its a little jumble pattern wise but not in a bad way. I have enjoyed seeing how the pieces fall together to create a different piece. I look forward to the blocking.

I tried spinning corn fiber. Erm I have nothing good to say about my experience. Maybe I just got bad corn. Its like very dry and very inelastic. I will try some on my spindle otherwise it will have to go to a different home.

I started the Katrina Rib pattern but I think I need to frog. It does not look clean on my increases which will bug me.

Sly says hi to Donni.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

I have lots

I am avoiding the sad on my blog today.

and avoiding SP5, Backtack, and RAOK.
I love them all but they need devoted attention and I only have enough attention to compile lists.

Pretty shiny things attract my.....


Wrap top


Yarn Art




I am knitting.

Something pink, something with stripes, something to felt.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Meme Stolen from Rox

First Car----Now the smooshed car.

1970 Plymouth Valiant mine is, was a four door. These are two doors. Add a door

Where I was Born:

Portland Oregon

Where I live now:

Beaverton Oregon
I am not sure why the pic looks o similar for different places.

Fav food- Well at the minute

Strawberry Cheesecake

Fav Shoe:

Teva its summer it changes in the winter.

Fav Drink:

Smith and Wesson - Khaluha Cream and Coke I don't know what this picture is showing but the drink does not look like that.

Fav Smell:

The Oregon Ocean

Fav Song:

When she loved me

You go ahead Google my first name. (do this at home)


My blog name pulls up:

My window.