Sunday, September 11, 2005


This is my 201 st post.


Do you ever read a post and want to comment but really have nothing to say but you have so much to say. Then you wonder if what you have so say is really worth writing a comment about. So then you start to write the comment then you erase it than start again and then finally just forget the whole thing?

I do this a lot.... Like a lot a lot.

So I started to write lots of comments today but then was like I would ruining a perfectly good conversation if I added my couple of lines and stopped.

I am linking myself to a hermit crab without pinchers.


Have you read about this?

Dusting - Dust off abuse killing mostly kids. We use this stuff at work and at home on the sewing machines. Its so sad.


Pink shawl knitting is still happening but slowly I am closing in on binding off. If it is slow tonight there will be blocking tomorrow.