Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Gonna blow

Hopefully that doesn't sound to obscene. But I was going to show you some finished objects and my works in progress but realized they are all in my car. So I give you the next best thing. Something new.
Meet Frankie
(Butt sniffer)
That is Frankie's nose.

He is a little bit wary of the yarn.

But he will sniff it anyway.

The project Frankie is investigating is not River. Which is out in the car but Katrina Rib top.

This picture reminds me of Kae.

This is Katrina Without Frankie. I had fun making Stitch Markers to go with it.

One day I will have real content again. Tomorrow I might even tell you about the crazy knitters I met tonight. But I need a stiff drink and a moment to process them before I try and tell someone about them.


FaerieLady said...

Reminds you of me, huh? LoL why thanks! >

Anonymous said...

That's a pretty kitty.

Alyx >

Donyale said...

How do you think Frankie and Slinky would go if they met? They both love yarn, enjoy stratches behind their ears? >