Thursday, September 08, 2005

Pain in the


I am still not feeling like me. Basically I am a pain in ones sitting area. However I am having pain in my neck which is what I attribute my new found cranky, irritated, and down right bitchyness.

I apologize to all who have come into contact with me.

But some have deserved the stare of duhhhhhh. The lady who kept asking me questions then not waiting for me to answer before her next question then getting mad at me. Lady you did not help me and pause between questions. You don't even have to stop talking just take a breath.

She did have on these amazing earrings though. Great twisted metal with etching in them. Fabulous.

I know I still owe posts but you don't want me to make another list so you get basic writing skills with no pictures. Sorry. This is a knitting blog so with out further to do I have knitting content.

Danielle's version of knitting therapy...

I have knit almost two pairs of socks. They are tres cute. One only needs a toe and about 12 rounds. I made it with my own stripy yarn. I actually got the measurements right to get strips. Granted they are funky colors but still cool. The other pair is the failed striping yarn in my yucky weird color way. They almost strip. I know pictures would help but the camera is not at my desk at the moment.

Mystery shawl is at clue number 4. I am liking it so far its a little jumble pattern wise but not in a bad way. I have enjoyed seeing how the pieces fall together to create a different piece. I look forward to the blocking.

I tried spinning corn fiber. Erm I have nothing good to say about my experience. Maybe I just got bad corn. Its like very dry and very inelastic. I will try some on my spindle otherwise it will have to go to a different home.

I started the Katrina Rib pattern but I think I need to frog. It does not look clean on my increases which will bug me.

Sly says hi to Donni.


Deb said...

Knitting is wonderful therapy! It keeps me sane:) I have seen a special wheel setup at the fiber fests for spinning linen. I would bet that the same is needed for the corn. I saw this at the fiber fest in Canby last year. And it just happens to be coming up. I think that one is called Flock and Fiber. >

Anonymous said...

You Sly Dog/Fox.... mmmwah! >