Friday, September 30, 2005


The first big rain is on.

Oregon driving etiquette:

Things I think are important and well common sense.

Drive with your lights on. Don't question it just do it.

Honking your horn does not make the rain, traffic, or time pass any quicker. You must be from out of town because a lot of Oregonians don't do the honking thing.

Speedy in your big truck slow the (beep) down. You are not in that big of a hurry to get in a wreck. Rearending someone is no good...Makes people pissy and backs up traffic even more. Slow down if the general traffic is going 40 in a 55 there is a reason. No one wants to spend all day in traffic.

I fully recomend cranking up the toons and jamming out. But don't ruin my jam session by blasting your bass and rocking my car. Keep the ear drums safe while you jam.


First Crush:

Well I have never spoken a word to my first crush. It was silent heart break as we passed in the halls of middle school and high school. I am going to google there name and see where they are today.

But this sweater is love at first sight...just like Sonny.


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