Monday, October 31, 2005

I said I was sleeping

Donni I know I said I was going to bed...but there was a issue with this computer so I am making sure it logs on and off....and writing a post in the middle...

My bulky yarn.... A blurry picture of it but I heart it so. Even in the glow of the monitor light it makes me smile.

Dear Ms. Anonymous,

You may do which ever feels right to you. I love both ideas.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Copy cat

I read Jodi's blog.....I enjoy Jodi's blog.

Actually I read every blog in my sidebar plus a fair few off other peoples side bars.

Example = Mog's blog - Princess knits - Hello Yarn - Red lipstick

Yes I drive the same way home every day, I change lanes in the same spot each time, I also have no sense of direction.

Back on topic Jodi does Studio Saturday which I can't really do every week but I have one this week.

Friday, October 28, 2005



ladybugs on dandelions
bubbles in water
log cabin quilts
funky upholstery fabric
clouds in the shapes of dragons
bushy flowers
old photos
food smells in the kitchen
rows of jelly jars in a row
tomatoes on the vine
kids books in the library
eclectic treasures
stained glass
brick walls
junk shops
rain drops on windows
looking up a huge tree
leaves on the ground
costume jewelry
bright lipstick
shapely frogs
candles burning
a bowl of candy
Shirley temples
the pumpkins all smooshed together
sleepy smell
the lights over the bridge
Jelly beans in big tubs
geese honks
an empty stage
shuffle h st shuffle bc fl fl fl bc
rose petals on grass
pink elephants on parade
the zodiac
sweaters sorted by color at goodwill


Thursday, October 27, 2005

fruity tooty loops

The fruit loops first scarf is finished...but still not blocked. I am not quite sure even if it is in my bag or if it is in the car or the house... Not sure but it did turn out ok. Not my favorite but I do like it and the colors inside the colors are very nice.

But the second piece of Fruit loops is so different they almost can't be part of the same dye pot. The colors that spun up are very different. Still stripy but more of a solid tone. Where the first one was mainly the three colors I mixed this one is the outcome of mixing the three colors. You can still see the main colors but they are not as loud.

So I split the whole tube down the middle and I Navajo plied one half and was hoping for a little more than what was yielded...oops. So I may go find a matching solid color to make a hat out of and use this portion as the brim. Or put it with my cool spun yarn basket.

I have a small basket of yarn to look at. Just look at, don't we all have yarn we don't intend to knit with. Is that just me?

The other half I am making a shawl with. Yes single ply. Someday I will try a two ply but I like how the colors fade and switch. If I did a ply they would melt into one another and become just another variegated yarn. It is also a shawl I have already made. The lace leaf pattern. Its a nice quick pattern that is not so complicated that the stripes look weird. Cause I would faint of something weird.

So this is it thus far.

What other great and wonderful things do I have to share. Well I colored my hair. Um in case you don't know what color my hair was before think mouse colored. So now it is Burgundy or rather a purple red color I am telling you if I could make it blue I would.

Bio project...don't ask.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Not an Enemy

The fruit loops scarf is finished and I hope to block it tonight.

I made a frou frou scarf....not that frou frou. But enought for a teen its really really long and a bit skinny.

Next we have something that reminds me of these.

Its not a hat.

Friday, October 21, 2005

knitted and unknitted

Have you seen some of these knitted and un knit sock posts?

Well check them out. Woven Thoughts, Yarn Go Go early in Oct she talks about it.

Now this makes great sense to me.

Concepts take a knitted piece dye it to specks ... Stripes... Then unknit and make something stripy ..Like socks.

I have two thoughts. One is that recycled sweaters would work really great and you don't have to own a knitting machine. Just take the pieces apart so that you know where the yarns have been surged and where they are free flowing....aka unseam the beast. The pieces are not identical but they are pretty close and if you were going to make a sweater from a sweater they should line up well enough once dyed.

As the new owner of 2 cashmere sweaters that are no longer wearable this sounds good. One is Navy and the other is mint. Navy I can deal with but mint is a no no in my world of colors I can wear. I actually did find 5 cashmere sweaters or cashmere silk sweaters but I don't take apart the ones that are still wearable. Portland peeps check out the Goodwill on 122nd and Halsey they have lots of great sweaters right now.

and thought two...Somehow I am now the proud owner of a 1970 knitting machine. OOPS. Well not really it was in Becky's and Donna's garage sale, where when looking though it I may have told them that I wanted to try it. So this Monday I sat down and figured out how it worked.... I need some practice. But it might be fun to experiment with.

It sounds much easier than spreading 400-600 yards of sock yarn around my house in hopes of getting a big enough circle to get stripes.

Bets on when we see the first book about this?

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Mr. Yucky

About Mr. Yucky one post down.

He is a friendly spider who lives out side. The picture may have been taken with some tricky camera skills in order for him to appear larger than life.

In real life Mr. Yucky is a bit bigger than a quarter including all his legs. So from my desk he is about the size of well a smudge on the window. I do know which smudge he is because he is a slightly different color than all the other smudges. Yeah I don't know when they clean those windows.

How long has he lived at the office....A couple weeks I think. Like I said he lives out of doors and keeps yucky bugs from moving into the office so I have no problems with his little home. But if he crosses the line he might get the boot. But it is pretty cool to see him so close without actually having to get with in web distance. IE through the glass.

HE has pretty colors to. Nature study.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Cat nip Sparkle

The Chat is on cat nip... He crazy normally but he is extra special when the cat nip is around.

So special I have had to chase him away from my spinning three times tonight. ... We have this discussion any time I spin but it noramlly only take one time to convince him...tonight I ran out of thread before he was about to forgo.

What have I been spinning while pink sparlkly stuff. Well I was until the sparkly thread I was using ran out on me....Nasty bit of shiz that is. So I have to go back and get more sparkle. How much sparkle is there in this pink stuff. LOTS and LOTS I used some Angline, some pink merino and some white BFL and a little nylon...Um because I had it and matched. I cardded it all into rollags and poof pink sparkly yarn.

Becky get five points if she knows where this picture was taken. That little puff is what already has the sparkly thead and whats left on the bobbin is what needs its thead. I don't know how much is here but I used all 250 yards of the sparkly sewing thead on the first half of the bobbin.

I must say this is the evenist yarn I have ever spun. It is very consistant for me. I don't know what I will use it for but I now have an armload of books to look through and find something good to use it on...

By the by have you seen the new Vouge knitting...Shocking but I like it.

Part A

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Attack of the giant ...

If you ever wondered about my place of employment my desk is behind those two signs.

Yarn porn.

IF I could pet it I would

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Funny that...Knitting

The current sock is booming along... but I need the person whose sock this is going to become to try it on. I don't know there foot size in relation to my own. But I am getting to like the opal better. It does not make a bulky heel seam and the stockinette with the zeroes is quite nice.

I do really like the pooling flashing of this sock. I know that lots of people don't like these effects but with two colors in the spiral fashion I do.

With pretty lace sides. I also got a fun Idea on what design of socks I want to make next. Fun ones. Taller ones but I have to find some good solid colored sock yarn.

Next I have been working on a scarf. Not just any scarf but a scarf made out of the fruit loops I spun up. Its a little wonky I did not set the twist before I started knitting.

Kae pointed out to me that my mistakes in dyeing my fiber could be a good learning experience. Which I very much agree with. There are several spots that spun up in variations that I really really enjoy. Meaning at some point in time I would like to do it on purpose. This is the one I loves the most. It however is not the best picture. The colors are lavender, robins blue, a brownish green and a pink. But its just lovely. The other one is this orange yellow peachy colored flower.

As a whole the scarf looks a little funky because of the drastic color changes. I really want to knock this one out and block it because it will look so much better blocked.

If you haven't figured it out I really enjoy color gradation. But I have taken it to my Drawing class and the ladies really liked it. The pattern is super easy and free... FREE!!!! She has several other really cool patterns I Recommended checking them all out.

I still have two giant sections of unspun fruit loops. I am thinking this time I will divide the colors into sections and spin them that way. A little more control.

Happy Sunday.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Book Crazy

I have been on a book binge....O the books.

Housekeeping out of the way first.

The pattern is from Knit Socks! By Betsy Lee McCarthy and it is the Peaks 'n' Valleys sock. With a different heel. I have picked up the gusset stitches and about to start the pattern on the instep. I must say that I am not as impressed with the Opal yarn as I thought I was going to be. Its seems a little scratchy compared to the Knit picks and Socks that Rock yarn I have been using. But it may get better once I wash them.

So what books have a bought you ask...Let me tell you.

I don't know..It maybe the shape of the book. It matches the other sock shaped book I have. The coffee shop I knit at between classes also has a couple Christmas stockings knitted up and they just seem happy to me. I am hoping for at least a jumping off point. This book is from Book Close Outs .

These three are from crafters choice.

This has whimsy and spunk. Several things that look wonderful to me.

This one goes with the Christmas stockings don't you think. It seems to me they should flow well.

The felted, fulled thing is so cool. This one I have heard good and bad about. The bad mostly to do with the sewing but I can sew ... sew well enough that is.

Did I just buy Craft books no. But the "normal" books I bought are to many to mention here but they are fun to.

Happy knitting weekend.

Short week photos

Sunday, October 09, 2005


Super long sock
Wow! You would have been a pair of socks as long
as it's possible for socks to be before they're
tights - and all multi-coloured with pretty
patterns and detail all over the place - then
you could stand and admire your sock-self all

Friday, October 07, 2005


crappy crappy I can't get it to work.
DFASF Sg adf awer dc ase

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Fruit loops

I tried my first non kool aid dyeing....I got fruit loops.

The dye pot looked really well saturated and the colors looked all nice. I just don't think I quite had everything right. I either did not put in enough dye or did not heat it long enough. The dye bath was not exhausted but the only color in it was red. It could be a combination of the two.

Trial and error... But there were some really great colors that came from the mix. That I would like to reproduce in some stripy yarn. I have not decided how to proceed with the spinning of this fiber. Weather to separate like colors or to just spilt and spin plying the weird color combos next to each other. They are not dry enough to try yet but they should be soon if the sun would come out. I did not end up with much green but the green that I did get was a real great forest green with sides being a bit lighter.

The one that does not go is one that I just added blue and red to so it is not really a brother to the fruit loops. More of a cousin from Montana. But I do like him. But haven't a clue what to do with such a tiny amount of blue. Maybe sock heels or something special....hmmm

I am taking Biology 101 and Drawing 101. Drawing is a million times better than Bio. We are doing a horrible group project in Bio. I have a group of right out of High schoolers that I am sure are going to bail. It is a three week lab project. Two are consistently late to lab. One doesn't speak and spins the ruler on his pencil. All three have no IMAGINATION. That just bugs me ...... I hate group projects with people I don't know. You never know how they are going to turn out and you end up spending most of your time doing what someone else said they were going to do.

On a happier note this is my sister we had a little photo op last night after I had school. I went to school and she went to work so either way I would hope we both had a moment to gain knowledge.

This is Dino in her natural setting...the computer in her room at my parents home. What you can't see in this crappy washed out photo are her cute little dimples.

What a pain in my arse but worth it.....I guess.

I am still knitting I just don't have very much to so for the last couple days. Maybe tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Wabbits and wabric

Visted the dentist today....

So I visited the fabric store as well.

I am not a big fan of Christmas out before Halloween not to mention thanksgiving. So I got a little bit of halloween fun. I am thinking some little Zipper totes. I dont' know how to put a zipper in yet these should give me a little practice and they are cute.

The other fabrics I want to make some needle rolls out of.

I was in a very orange mood today. Its not even a color I generally care for. But today it sang to me. I have some other orange fabric that goes as well. The two main prints I won't put together.

Lastly a little hop from the main hops around here. The one with mostly white on the head is Mrs. Bunny and the other one is Mr. Bunny. They are brother and sister so no baby bunnies. We have one other bunny which is Betty bunny but he was unavaliable for photos today.

Sunday, October 02, 2005