Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Cat nip Sparkle

The Chat is on cat nip... He crazy normally but he is extra special when the cat nip is around.

So special I have had to chase him away from my spinning three times tonight. ... We have this discussion any time I spin but it noramlly only take one time to convince him...tonight I ran out of thread before he was about to forgo.

What have I been spinning while pink sparlkly stuff. Well I was until the sparkly thread I was using ran out on me....Nasty bit of shiz that is. So I have to go back and get more sparkle. How much sparkle is there in this pink stuff. LOTS and LOTS I used some Angline, some pink merino and some white BFL and a little nylon...Um because I had it and matched. I cardded it all into rollags and poof pink sparkly yarn.

Becky get five points if she knows where this picture was taken. That little puff is what already has the sparkly thead and whats left on the bobbin is what needs its thead. I don't know how much is here but I used all 250 yards of the sparkly sewing thead on the first half of the bobbin.

I must say this is the evenist yarn I have ever spun. It is very consistant for me. I don't know what I will use it for but I now have an armload of books to look through and find something good to use it on...

By the by have you seen the new Vouge knitting...Shocking but I like it.

Part A


Cece said...

Hi there!

Welcome to the Tribe! Looks like a fun group of gals.

I have resisted spinning... but love you pink sparkly yarn! >

Donyale said...

Thank GOD you posted - I was stressing about visiting and seeing those other things that cannot be named.

Was wanting to find out what exact shade Poof Pink is :) >