Thursday, October 27, 2005

fruity tooty loops

The fruit loops first scarf is finished...but still not blocked. I am not quite sure even if it is in my bag or if it is in the car or the house... Not sure but it did turn out ok. Not my favorite but I do like it and the colors inside the colors are very nice.

But the second piece of Fruit loops is so different they almost can't be part of the same dye pot. The colors that spun up are very different. Still stripy but more of a solid tone. Where the first one was mainly the three colors I mixed this one is the outcome of mixing the three colors. You can still see the main colors but they are not as loud.

So I split the whole tube down the middle and I Navajo plied one half and was hoping for a little more than what was yielded...oops. So I may go find a matching solid color to make a hat out of and use this portion as the brim. Or put it with my cool spun yarn basket.

I have a small basket of yarn to look at. Just look at, don't we all have yarn we don't intend to knit with. Is that just me?

The other half I am making a shawl with. Yes single ply. Someday I will try a two ply but I like how the colors fade and switch. If I did a ply they would melt into one another and become just another variegated yarn. It is also a shawl I have already made. The lace leaf pattern. Its a nice quick pattern that is not so complicated that the stripes look weird. Cause I would faint of something weird.

So this is it thus far.

What other great and wonderful things do I have to share. Well I colored my hair. Um in case you don't know what color my hair was before think mouse colored. So now it is Burgundy or rather a purple red color I am telling you if I could make it blue I would.

Bio project...don't ask.


marti said...

i love the colors in your shawl, that is going to be very pretty when its done! >

Donyale said...

Purl! That spinning and dyeing is FANTASTIC - I need you to come over here straight away and show me how you did it! Yum. And - BTW - loving the new hair colour - must be the season - have you seen my hair colour? It used to be brown too.....:) >

FaerieLady said...

Beautiful :-)

I had my hair dyed blue, cobalt blue, for years... it's only been the past year or so that I've not dyed it blue. >

Cat said...

OMG! That is the exact color I dyed my hair last night! Not sure if I like it yet, but I'll keep it for awhile. I was mouse-brown, too, with plenty of gray coming on... >

Anonymous said...

Do you wish to know who your Tribe gifter is?? Or are you a fan of suprises and sleuthing?? >

itgirl said...

I am so jealous! I want to learn how to spin. >