Thursday, October 06, 2005

Fruit loops

I tried my first non kool aid dyeing....I got fruit loops.

The dye pot looked really well saturated and the colors looked all nice. I just don't think I quite had everything right. I either did not put in enough dye or did not heat it long enough. The dye bath was not exhausted but the only color in it was red. It could be a combination of the two.

Trial and error... But there were some really great colors that came from the mix. That I would like to reproduce in some stripy yarn. I have not decided how to proceed with the spinning of this fiber. Weather to separate like colors or to just spilt and spin plying the weird color combos next to each other. They are not dry enough to try yet but they should be soon if the sun would come out. I did not end up with much green but the green that I did get was a real great forest green with sides being a bit lighter.

The one that does not go is one that I just added blue and red to so it is not really a brother to the fruit loops. More of a cousin from Montana. But I do like him. But haven't a clue what to do with such a tiny amount of blue. Maybe sock heels or something special....hmmm

I am taking Biology 101 and Drawing 101. Drawing is a million times better than Bio. We are doing a horrible group project in Bio. I have a group of right out of High schoolers that I am sure are going to bail. It is a three week lab project. Two are consistently late to lab. One doesn't speak and spins the ruler on his pencil. All three have no IMAGINATION. That just bugs me ...... I hate group projects with people I don't know. You never know how they are going to turn out and you end up spending most of your time doing what someone else said they were going to do.

On a happier note this is my sister we had a little photo op last night after I had school. I went to school and she went to work so either way I would hope we both had a moment to gain knowledge.

This is Dino in her natural setting...the computer in her room at my parents home. What you can't see in this crappy washed out photo are her cute little dimples.

What a pain in my arse but worth it.....I guess.

I am still knitting I just don't have very much to so for the last couple days. Maybe tomorrow.


pleutim said...

But Froot Loops are tasty! It looks good. Maybe not what you were going for but still good. None of my dyeing ever comes out the way I plan it to either. >

FaerieLady said...

The roving does look good, and sometimes even though it's not what we're aiming for, it's good to do that and see how it works up :-)

Your bio group sounds like my peer critique group in English comp2. I get so frustrated. >