Friday, October 21, 2005

knitted and unknitted

Have you seen some of these knitted and un knit sock posts?

Well check them out. Woven Thoughts, Yarn Go Go early in Oct she talks about it.

Now this makes great sense to me.

Concepts take a knitted piece dye it to specks ... Stripes... Then unknit and make something stripy ..Like socks.

I have two thoughts. One is that recycled sweaters would work really great and you don't have to own a knitting machine. Just take the pieces apart so that you know where the yarns have been surged and where they are free flowing....aka unseam the beast. The pieces are not identical but they are pretty close and if you were going to make a sweater from a sweater they should line up well enough once dyed.

As the new owner of 2 cashmere sweaters that are no longer wearable this sounds good. One is Navy and the other is mint. Navy I can deal with but mint is a no no in my world of colors I can wear. I actually did find 5 cashmere sweaters or cashmere silk sweaters but I don't take apart the ones that are still wearable. Portland peeps check out the Goodwill on 122nd and Halsey they have lots of great sweaters right now.

and thought two...Somehow I am now the proud owner of a 1970 knitting machine. OOPS. Well not really it was in Becky's and Donna's garage sale, where when looking though it I may have told them that I wanted to try it. So this Monday I sat down and figured out how it worked.... I need some practice. But it might be fun to experiment with.

It sounds much easier than spreading 400-600 yards of sock yarn around my house in hopes of getting a big enough circle to get stripes.

Bets on when we see the first book about this?


FaerieLady said...

Beautiful! Makes me wish I had a knitting machine... >

the stripey tiger said...

The spinning is looking good!! My spinning is sadly neglected!! :-) Stripey >

Donyale said...

Nice Toes Purl, nice Toes >