Monday, October 31, 2005

I said I was sleeping

Donni I know I said I was going to bed...but there was a issue with this computer so I am making sure it logs on and off....and writing a post in the middle...

My bulky yarn.... A blurry picture of it but I heart it so. Even in the glow of the monitor light it makes me smile.

Dear Ms. Anonymous,

You may do which ever feels right to you. I love both ideas.


the stripey tiger said...

Ok - I'm revealing -cause I know Rox is stressing about maybe being the only one who revealed. You have me!! I have a small pile of goodies together patiently waiting for a certain local publication to add to it then off it will go - on the wings of Aus Post. I have also been considering a bit of poetics for my blog also - in your honour of course!! >

Donyale said...

Go to bed Spotty! (Don't know where that quote comes from - some dark distant memory of my childhood...a happy one...we lived in a small village called Mt Kembla...oh, sorry. forgot you were still there......ahem.

I love the new colour scheme - tray sheik....:)(say that like it sounds and you will sound like Aussies trying to say Tres Chic...) >

Anonymous said...

Go to bed spotty was from an episode of the Young Ones! >