Saturday, March 29, 2008

It is a little sad

It is a little sad arround here. Nothing is new but so much at once.
Sad is winning and the dogs are snoring. Its a funny mix.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Bunny

My Bunny had a lovely day on Easter and I had a blast dyeing eggs.

Our little party is mostly adults and we always have a blast dyeing eggs. The kidlets don't really think it is fun anymore. They would have rather been .....any where else.

So here are my eggs.

These are mostly by Sonny and I.

I also love pysanky (SP?) eggs.

I could dye eggs all day long

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Never find me

Never find me
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oooooooooO 001
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Black on black and white on white is harder than I thought.

More so white on white. I tend to look past white . . .

Monday, March 10, 2008

more studio

Studio 006
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I am trying to get ready for a couple shows and events....

The goal is to achive sets and collections and not so much this and that. Currently it is filling in on colors my rainbow is missing. So far i have identified I am missing purple, black, and white. Now my knitting and my stitch markers are heavy in all those colors. I don't know if it is just me or the beads that don't want to follow along.

I have found some hidden treasures. I have also had to take stock of what I have in stock. Trying to find beads I bought a long time ago or retire stitch marker sets. The cute hearts are gone once these last sets are gone. I feel lucky to have found them a second time. I know I will find something I love equally as much. The hearts just looks so cute and remind me of how much I love knitting. Its hard to imagine that clicking some metal sticks would help me just relax and calm down for the day.

I have been chuging along on my Azure socks (from Knitty) and amd pleased to be at the heel on both feets. Sunday's is stitch marker day and Mon Tue Wed are sock days. It works out some how and beading sneeks in there some days.

Sorry I have no great shot of the socks or my lunch. But I might have one of the roo.


Monday, March 03, 2008

Something new...not knitted

My hands hurt...and I am sick.

So I took some pics of things I finished a while ago. This is my favorite of the group.

Tiny tiny stitch markers for socks or lace. I use mine for lace. I can knit socks without stitch markers but lace I find is easier with them. Maybe not the whole time but when you first start getting into the pattern it helps me keep track of the pattern and when I oops. These are so tiny tiny....but I love them so.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Lip curl and snarl

Taxes.....well the paper work is done. I finally got through the bucket of receipts. I have not finished cleaning the crafty room. It is still a giant mess. But I did move around a couple things. Its a very sq rm.

The back rm which has been mostly storage of all things Danielle for the last year plus is being finished. I don't know what the big push is for but it is changing. Colors have been picked. The walls are painted. I am not as happy with the color as I was but I am excited to get the floor painted. Its the bright blue on the color cards.

What does the future hold for this rm? Well so far it has been decided a day bed is needed and would be a lovely spot for a sewing machine....and my yarn.

I have been working on my black on black challenge. Its going good. I have not ventured into anything truly amazing. But I have thirty days left. White on white is giving me trouble. I never work with white.

Stitch marker this month have been busy. I don't know what happened but it made me smile.