Monday, October 30, 2006


1. dogs go to hair stylist
2. danielle sorts out mail
3. make some stichy roo markers
4. knit a little
5. look at the cat boxes
6. make turtle appt for beak and nails
7. try and make it through the list in one day.

I am still crabby.

Sunday, October 29, 2006


I want to ditch my job

forgo all responsibilities and be a bum

a knitting bum. Can I crash at your house?

I have a huge stash..... I will bring my own wheel. Just pile it all under a blanket it becomes me bed.

I don't really want to ditch Sonny. I kind of like her. Maybe I will be a mobile stash van. Stash bus....painted with polka dots.

Is polka like polka.

long days

It has been very long days....crabby long days.

I had a moment. An I got it moment. I never understood the term Mock cable...I was always like how can you knit a mock cable. You just cable why mock. BUT I Figured it out. light switch on.

I have not read, commented , or knitted in the last couple days.

Sonny and I did go to dye class today which was fun. But other than blue fingernails and a hair cut I have been busy.

and crabby, tired, and no knitting.....

I wonder if the stuff I dyed in class will be dry enough to spin when I get home?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Kittens

This is what I walked in on this morning.

Kittens playing shadow puppets... Frankie can only do a scooby doo from this position.

Give me a scooby snack or I will chase you like I chase spiders. Yum.

Dead spiders have been found battered to death. I am very glad we do not have mice.

I mean business don't go in for a belly rub. Don't try and change the subject.

Frankie's one cat audience.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Class one

Class one ........Testing the waters. I dragged Sonny with me and most of these she made. I don't think she was super excited to be missing football and she had a rather tough week but I had a lot of fun going with her. Even if she made fun of my stash. She brings home pets I bring home yarn....You don't have to feed and bath yarn...It never has a vet bill.
Secretly I think she did have fun. We have two more classes to go. I don't think she is going to bail on me.

Back to the yarn.

The colors seem really bright and alive. But have muted and earthy tones in them as well. I like how the class was able to mix and match different dyes and not really come out with a clashy yarns.
This orange yellow coral mix is one I am really drawn to. Warm and cozy like.

We used a variety of dyes.....We had like nine or ten vats going I think. Some that I had heard of and others that were new.

The indigo was stunning to watch oxidize. These were all pre soaked with Alum I hope to be able to try a different one or two. So here you go. Natural dyed mini yarn bundles.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


I am in LOVE with natrual dyeing.

Its wonderful.

Pictures will follow......someday.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Look finished item

I finished an item...A pair really. They were made out of some lovely jo sharp cotton in a dark rose shade. The pattern is Debbie Bliss with some modifications. Not a lot I made it with out bobbles and lace. If I were to make them again I would decrease in the front two corners a little more.
I am sure any mother would tell me these are silly but I think they are very cute.

The shaping is fantastic to me. How they turn into little shoes after some well placed increases.

Thanks everyone for the congratulations they were very warmly appreciated.

Knit with speed.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Ups have downs and like a cloud it rains.

So down came things.

But the good should be shared.

The good news yesterday.... Actually on the 16th. Sonny and I are "official" at least in Oregon. 95 cents to park, 8 minutes in line, 60 dollars, and a single piece of paper. Official domestic partners.

For some things this is great but for most it still doesn't count. The bonus for queer folk it only costs 25 dollars to get "divorced" and only one person has to sign the paper. They don't take your blood either.

For some reason I thought they would write your name in a big huge book with lots of other peoples names. There is not but I know where to pay my taxes in person now...Its the same window.

Lets knit.

BIg things

Big things have happend at the purl house.

I don't want to talk about them yet though. But all is good. Very good good things.

So instead I give you some happy pictures of my week and current sock.

Can you spot the Stevie Roo.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

to much

To much work...23 hours of work in 32 hours.

I am pooped.

I was hoping to get some knit in. But I ate a cookie and took a bath.

I feel a little better but my soft squishy bed with its nice new sheets are calling.

Sleep well

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Yarn affair

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I have to confess I have a love for this yarn.
Do you fall in love with every new thing you spin.

Specks 260 yards of yummyness.
It's made of a mixed batt from the Oregon Flock and fiber. I know there is silk and I know there is merino

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I have not set the twist yet so its a little wonky. Very thick and thin spun than plyed with thread. Its not a yarn I would normally buy but I did enjoy spinning it.

There are some socks almost finished running around here. I was going to make them shorty socks but decided they needed a little more length. Next is another unfinished pair of socks then i can start a new pair if I want. The shawl has been banished to the bag of shame while I work on socks. It was not bad or ugly it just is so close to being done that it would ruin my rap to get it off the needles.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

How long

How long do you look for a lost needle. A needle you had in your hand not five minutes ago.

I am sitting on the couch knitting and watching the tube. I have five sock needles while I am turning the heel. I get a phone call and put down the knitting. Finish my call and go get some tea. Come back to the knitting pick it up and am short one needle.

Suspects: Frankie was lying on the arm of the couch. Normal day time activities include putting anything shiny on the floor to bat around.

Shep is not guilty because he was a sleep on the back of the couch. Snoring.

Sesbastion is not guilty he followed me into the kitchen and has not been on the couch with the knitting all afternoon.

Cody was sleeping on the floor but being fairly large could be hiding something a smaller more agile pet could have passed him.

Turtle turtle and Whale can't be party to such happenings.

Everyone seems to have guilty eyes.

I spent a goodly amount of time questioning each suspect. GOODLY! All parties cleared after a good look see as the missing property was found.......Behind my ear.

Knit on.


Very Cool heels that people have posted....Specifically on different or modified short row heels.

This is so cool I have never thought of doing a short row this way. It has great pictures as well

Then this one fits my heel in a more heel like shape. You have to scroll down to the OCT 17 post.

The combination should be unstoppable...mwwwaaahhhaaaa.

I frogged my first half pair of socks. Mainly because I have no idea what needle I used and it had a cable in it that I did not chart on paper and could not remember the numbers. So I pulled back both socks so I am left just ready to turn the heel. I will let you know how these two combine...and maybe some pictures.

I may even venture over to knit purl. My car is in the shop (with my dad) so I am going on the bus. ADVENTURE


Monday, October 09, 2006

A meeting she will go a meeting she will go

Hi ho the Purling a Knitting she did go. I got to spend to short of time visiting with Marti from WeeBug Knits. I have been reading Marti's blog for a long time. She is one of the first blog peeps I have met. I super hope we get to knit together again. She showed me what she has been working on and is working on. Very pretty. A cool person to talk knit and sip drink with. If you get the chance I highly recommend it.

I like blogging but there is something really great about being able to talk with some one in person. I enjoyed the slinging around of fibery talk and life stuff. IT was great.

Thanks Marti I shan't be loosing your number!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The telephone

I talked with Marti on the phone.....While she was on the train. On her way to Portland.

Think Meetup.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting This is what happens when you leave yarn on the ground....Stevie says yummy wool. Thankfully he only got a tuft full....silly puppy yarn is for knitters.

late and great

Awake and tired.

But have you seen this its a interesting idea. purlscene.

makes you think off the beaten path a little and I like that.

Time to sleep.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006


....Better What I did not get done today. Everything.

But I played with several pups.

maybe tomorrow will be better.

Monday, October 02, 2006

worky and knitting

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Sometimes all I need is just one row to feel a little calmer. So the knitting comes with. ALWAYS. I don't always pull it out but I do like having it with me.

So I found this LibriVox. Free Audio books. It meets my needs perfect. They have voluneteers read public domain books and let you download and listen to them for free. Very very very very cool beans.