Monday, October 09, 2006

A meeting she will go a meeting she will go

Hi ho the Purling a Knitting she did go. I got to spend to short of time visiting with Marti from WeeBug Knits. I have been reading Marti's blog for a long time. She is one of the first blog peeps I have met. I super hope we get to knit together again. She showed me what she has been working on and is working on. Very pretty. A cool person to talk knit and sip drink with. If you get the chance I highly recommend it.

I like blogging but there is something really great about being able to talk with some one in person. I enjoyed the slinging around of fibery talk and life stuff. IT was great.

Thanks Marti I shan't be loosing your number!


Donni said...

Lucky Ducks! Hope you enjoyed catching up. >

marti said...

aw shucks. thanks for the super complements. i am still in town btw, so meeting up soon is a definite possiblity. >