Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Very Cool heels that people have posted....Specifically on different or modified short row heels.

This is so cool I have never thought of doing a short row this way. It has great pictures as well

Then this one fits my heel in a more heel like shape. You have to scroll down to the OCT 17 post.

The combination should be unstoppable...mwwwaaahhhaaaa.

I frogged my first half pair of socks. Mainly because I have no idea what needle I used and it had a cable in it that I did not chart on paper and could not remember the numbers. So I pulled back both socks so I am left just ready to turn the heel. I will let you know how these two combine...and maybe some pictures.

I may even venture over to knit purl. My car is in the shop (with my dad) so I am going on the bus. ADVENTURE