Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Class one

Class one ........Testing the waters. I dragged Sonny with me and most of these she made. I don't think she was super excited to be missing football and she had a rather tough week but I had a lot of fun going with her. Even if she made fun of my stash. She brings home pets I bring home yarn....You don't have to feed and bath yarn...It never has a vet bill.
Secretly I think she did have fun. We have two more classes to go. I don't think she is going to bail on me.

Back to the yarn.

The colors seem really bright and alive. But have muted and earthy tones in them as well. I like how the class was able to mix and match different dyes and not really come out with a clashy yarns.
This orange yellow coral mix is one I am really drawn to. Warm and cozy like.

We used a variety of dyes.....We had like nine or ten vats going I think. Some that I had heard of and others that were new.

The indigo was stunning to watch oxidize. These were all pre soaked with Alum I hope to be able to try a different one or two. So here you go. Natural dyed mini yarn bundles.


Donni said...

Yum! Yum! Yum! >

Annie said...

Wow, how great are those colours. >