Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Yarn affair

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I have to confess I have a love for this yarn.
Do you fall in love with every new thing you spin.

Specks 260 yards of yummyness.
It's made of a mixed batt from the Oregon Flock and fiber. I know there is silk and I know there is merino

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I have not set the twist yet so its a little wonky. Very thick and thin spun than plyed with thread. Its not a yarn I would normally buy but I did enjoy spinning it.

There are some socks almost finished running around here. I was going to make them shorty socks but decided they needed a little more length. Next is another unfinished pair of socks then i can start a new pair if I want. The shawl has been banished to the bag of shame while I work on socks. It was not bad or ugly it just is so close to being done that it would ruin my rap to get it off the needles.


Donni said...

That yarn is LUSH I say, LUSH! >