Saturday, October 15, 2005

Funny that...Knitting

The current sock is booming along... but I need the person whose sock this is going to become to try it on. I don't know there foot size in relation to my own. But I am getting to like the opal better. It does not make a bulky heel seam and the stockinette with the zeroes is quite nice.

I do really like the pooling flashing of this sock. I know that lots of people don't like these effects but with two colors in the spiral fashion I do.

With pretty lace sides. I also got a fun Idea on what design of socks I want to make next. Fun ones. Taller ones but I have to find some good solid colored sock yarn.

Next I have been working on a scarf. Not just any scarf but a scarf made out of the fruit loops I spun up. Its a little wonky I did not set the twist before I started knitting.

Kae pointed out to me that my mistakes in dyeing my fiber could be a good learning experience. Which I very much agree with. There are several spots that spun up in variations that I really really enjoy. Meaning at some point in time I would like to do it on purpose. This is the one I loves the most. It however is not the best picture. The colors are lavender, robins blue, a brownish green and a pink. But its just lovely. The other one is this orange yellow peachy colored flower.

As a whole the scarf looks a little funky because of the drastic color changes. I really want to knock this one out and block it because it will look so much better blocked.

If you haven't figured it out I really enjoy color gradation. But I have taken it to my Drawing class and the ladies really liked it. The pattern is super easy and free... FREE!!!! She has several other really cool patterns I Recommended checking them all out.

I still have two giant sections of unspun fruit loops. I am thinking this time I will divide the colors into sections and spin them that way. A little more control.

Happy Sunday.


the stripey tiger said...

Hi Danielle, Thanks for the pattern link! It looks great. Your dyeing looks great too - I'm building up some handspun to dye for the first time. Maybe I should experiment on knitpicks 'colour your own' - it would be much quicker - I'm so slow at spinning! I've been thinking about it for ages but so much to do soooo little time....:-) Stripey >

FaerieLady said...

Absolutely gorgeous! :-) >

Donyale said...

Hey Purl - that is one cool scarf - I have snitched that link and added it to my free patterns - I really like the colour varigation! >