Friday, October 14, 2005

Book Crazy

I have been on a book binge....O the books.

Housekeeping out of the way first.

The pattern is from Knit Socks! By Betsy Lee McCarthy and it is the Peaks 'n' Valleys sock. With a different heel. I have picked up the gusset stitches and about to start the pattern on the instep. I must say that I am not as impressed with the Opal yarn as I thought I was going to be. Its seems a little scratchy compared to the Knit picks and Socks that Rock yarn I have been using. But it may get better once I wash them.

So what books have a bought you ask...Let me tell you.

I don't know..It maybe the shape of the book. It matches the other sock shaped book I have. The coffee shop I knit at between classes also has a couple Christmas stockings knitted up and they just seem happy to me. I am hoping for at least a jumping off point. This book is from Book Close Outs .

These three are from crafters choice.

This has whimsy and spunk. Several things that look wonderful to me.

This one goes with the Christmas stockings don't you think. It seems to me they should flow well.

The felted, fulled thing is so cool. This one I have heard good and bad about. The bad mostly to do with the sewing but I can sew ... sew well enough that is.

Did I just buy Craft books no. But the "normal" books I bought are to many to mention here but they are fun to.

Happy knitting weekend.


Rox said...

Ohh ahhh... boooks! But - what if I wanted to see the 'normal' books too??!

I almost bought the Teva D book. But - it was mostly bulky type yarns which seem to be a issue for me with knitting. So - I resisted. My hubby has however, been told that the book suuuure would make a nice Christmas present. :) >