Sunday, September 25, 2005

Mystery Shawl 1

Here she is. And yes she is bright pink.
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The pattern is the mystery shawl one. I quite enjoyed seeing how it developed. It is a little on the small side for someone of my size. Its point lands right over my butt. Its like a big arrow.

It is a mix of merino and silk. I was happy to find that one bobbin of lace weight singles made this shawl. Its not really lace weight more of a skinny fat type of lace weight but I like it. It has a little more weight to it than real lace weight but i am getting better with every bobbin I spin. I have quite a bit left of the color so I might try making a couple lacey scarves.

Boogie knits had a couple lace scarf links up the other day and I took a fancy to this one. The Day Flower lace scarf.

I have a list of things I want to make a mile long and it never really seams to bother me to add another one to the stack.

Mystery shawl two starts in a week. I have not decided on the yarn to use for that but I will need to move away from the pink family for a project. I am thinking that I have some great sage or a wonderful burnt orange. Will see I also have some blush pink.

Tomorrow Flock and fiber. Who knows what I will come home with ... Maybe and Idea as to what to make with my pretty Alpaca/merino/silk from SP5. But then again petting it is a nice thing to.

Really this was just going to be a short little picture shot. But my pictures are taking a really really long time to load. WELL no wonder I was trying to load huge pictures.

River is stolling along wonderfully. She is a bit wrinkled at the moment otherwise she would have had a photo op as well. Katrina is all ribbing and that just takes a lot outta you. She is moving though almost to the sleeves. I may see if there is a way to make the sleeves a bit longer. I know others are going to try as well but I just don't do the short sleeve thing well. It may not be freezing here but it gets cold.

Enough rambling.


FaerieLady said...

Coming from a total non-pink fan... the mystery shawl is gorgeous :-) Great job! >

wendy g said...

The Mystery Shawl is beautiful! >

K said...

That is really gorgeous... I'm also not a big pink person. but it's beautiful! >

Karen said...

It's a beautiful shawl! I just love the color too! :) >

Donyale said...

is Purdy... >