Thursday, September 01, 2005

Meme Stolen from Rox

First Car----Now the smooshed car.

1970 Plymouth Valiant mine is, was a four door. These are two doors. Add a door

Where I was Born:

Portland Oregon

Where I live now:

Beaverton Oregon
I am not sure why the pic looks o similar for different places.

Fav food- Well at the minute

Strawberry Cheesecake

Fav Shoe:

Teva its summer it changes in the winter.

Fav Drink:

Smith and Wesson - Khaluha Cream and Coke I don't know what this picture is showing but the drink does not look like that.

Fav Smell:

The Oregon Ocean

Fav Song:

When she loved me

You go ahead Google my first name. (do this at home)


My blog name pulls up:

My window.


Rox said...

You can't make me google your name. :)

Mine was just as bad. I'm apparently one of the few women named Roxanne who don't work in a brothel.

Who knew?

Loved your meme... >

FaerieLady said...

Cheeeeesecake... ::drool::

No way am I googling your name. I'm pretty sure exactly what kind of hits I'd get!

Kae >