Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Really a knit post...Where

So I have not really posted any knit pictures. So here is the Flower Power bag I knit for Becky's B-day.... And then stole back to take pics of before it went missing.

Taaa daaa

The front has a flower from an online afghan site. The bottom piece is crochet and the very first I have every done with that. I had a lot of fun with this. It is lined with bright pink stripes you can kind of see them on the front pic peaking out from the top. The handle is a p2tog and the middle piece of the flower is an attached crochet circle. If I were to do it again I would make the blue square in front a pocket and knit the whole body striped, then attach the pocket.

So the Tree bag is next to finish in bag land. It only needs to be lined. I need some great 70ish green fabric to line it with. Or should I do contrast and put Cream with pink flowers on the inside... hrm.

On to secret pal notions...I picked up some fun stuff for her but she has not answered my questions so I hope she got them and will like what I have to send her. I got a couple Raok things to send out as well.

More later gater.


Lauren said...

What a beautiful bag! It turned out so lovely! Great work! :) >

Aggiea1 said...

Hi Danielle!

I just read your blog and Sebastien is gorgeous...okay, Stevie is a cutie too!

Re: my handspun yarn and the vintage books, I love vintage patterns! I love to look at 'em, and I am trying to frame a few. The yarn is a light grey lopi.

Looking forward to reading more from ya! >

Anonymous said...

sneaking in to say a quick hello from your sp3 pal. hope you are having a great day. the purse is very cute, no wonder you snuck it away to take pics. i understand the mia issue, my kids often do that to me!

your sp3 pal >

Anonymous said...

Hi Daniell...thanks for stopping by my blog! Isn't that the most wonderful Pam Allen scarf? I can't think of anything more fun to knit. I do love your bag, too...I can never get enough bags, you know?
Have a wonderful day,
Lynne >

Danielle said...

Look my secret pal wrote me.....how cool is that. I wonder who it is? It took me a while to figure out what mia was...but I got it Missing in Action. duhhhh.

Sebastion is really Becky's cat. I just like to take pictures of him and his many moods. Stevie is really Sonny's dog I just like to play with him. I was told it was not nice to leave the other animals out of my blog so will have to add pics of them later.

I just bought the book with pam Allen's scarf and can't wait to see it.

D >

Laura said...

Wow, that bag kicks ass. Great job! >