Saturday, September 04, 2004

The Farmhouse

Which flock do you follow?

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Erm I went to the bestest of the best yarn stores in the world yesterday. At least my little bit of world. IT had everything I have never seen in a yarn shop before...They had yarn that was 105$ a skein...That's like almost a quarter of my rent in a month. I have never seen so much haindpainted and spun fibers in my life. They had a whole room for just sock yarn...a whole room. The shop lady was a little gruff but the yarn made up for it. I could have spent hours there. As it was I only spent a minute I was so overwhelmed. MUST GO BACK.


Anonymous said...

Oooo... don't you just love stores like that. We have some $100 a skein yarn at my LYS. I look, I appreciate, I don't ever buy.

Carol >

Karen said...

Oh That sounds like a great yarn store! I have a few by me but nothing so big as they have a whole dedicated to sock yarn! Lucky you! >

Anonymous said...

Which yarn store was it? I'm often in Portland and would love to check it out. I've been to Molehill Farms, Yarn Garden, Wool 'n Wares, and one other (I forget the name).

A good friend of mine just move to Portland and needs to know the good places, too.


Laurie >