Saturday, September 25, 2004

Fluff and stuff

Ok so I have not felted my bag yet but I have plans to do that in the near (tonight) future. If I feel better. I don't feel so hot.

But here are the pre felt pictures.

The Surprise Bag
This is not true to color but I was having lighting issues. The weird white string is supposed to help it keep its shape when you felt it. I am a little Leary of this because it presses four pieces of knitted fabric together. If you look in the bottom right hand corner you get a half shot of Steve. What you don't see is that he is flinging his ball at my feet. Throw me the the ball throw me the ball...That's the only thing on his mind. EVER.

This one is just a different view. The pointy part is where I will attach the straps. It is hard to explain. This is the front the back is all Stst

This one is closer to true color. This is the center pattern design in the front and it is also the same pattern as the inside flaps. This is what it looks like open. I did not use any fuzzy yarn.

But I had a lot of fun dyeing this.

Then while I was taking these pics. The dogs were hanging out with me and look at what the cat was doing....

He is stalking the dog food. He did one bowl then the other. Very very sneaky it never knew he was coming.

My secret Pal wrote me another note...HELLO! I have been having fun with my SP shopping and reading about others secret pals or RAOK friends.


Holly said...

Backpack is looking good! Thanks for posting the url of the pattern - it was easier to imagine yours complete with the pic of the finished in the pattern! Looking forward to seeing yours all done. Hope you are feeling better! >