Saturday, November 13, 2004

Wicked Sweet!

I got mail. There is something really special about getting mail. No matter what it is. I love email. I love posts. I even just love notes. I need to send out more notes.

My living situation is so odd. I live in one house. Spend most of my time at a different house. But get my Post at my parents house. So it is odd. Unless I am expecting something I don't get to my parents house every day a normal week yields about twice a week. So sometimes I have a plethora of mail. Last week was one of those weeks.

I was RAOKed twice. From Kae and from Tam. They both sent me wonderful treasures and lovely notes. I was so brightened to received both. Tam's came in an Amazon box so at first I walked by it thinking I had just got some books I ordered. But then I realized I didn't order any books from Amazon I used a different company. Inside was a wonderful crochet lapaghan kit. Its great I have never bade such a big crochet blankie in one piece always in squares so this will be a great movie project. Then Kae sent me a very uplifting card and some wonderful stitch markers. I put them on the hat I have been knitting just cause they are cute.

Thank you Both very much.

Other then that mail I got bills. but even that is ok as long as they are not outrageous.

So what about the mail I sent out.

One pal received and confirmed mail. The second has not yet but she lives further away.

Scarf swap yarn has left and been received. I sent this wonderful brown, orange, pink wool its super soft.

The England package left and was received. The second one should be here in a day or two then I will send the rest off.

I also ordered some Orange yarn for a certain Beavers fan hat. I think this Sunday I will pick up the yarn to make secret squirrel x-mas gift.

ebay stuff is still in transit. But I am waiting patiently while others.... cough cough Sonny cough is not quite so.

I have 15 red squares ready to send out on Monday. Then the rest should follow the following Monday.

Wowsers that's a lot of mail.


FaerieLady said...

So glad that you like the stitch markers! --Kae >