Monday, November 29, 2004


Smitten with the idea of mittens. My hands and feet are a little cold this past weekend. I am thinking cozy mitten’s for the great out of doors and wonderful house socks for the insides. But I think I need to finish my Christmas knitting first.

What am I knitting peeps for the great holiday? I am not sure yet.
There is a lot I would like to knit people but really. It is just me and I get distracted by new projects to often to take on knitting for the holidays. But I know I will try and long nights will be inevitable.

I went to Mabel's this weekend for the fun-ness ( a Danielle word) of Queer knitting . I had a great time. I met some very wonderful people who happen to blog Stephanie, from Wild Geese and Marta, from I am still standing. E gads I had fun. Stephanie is a Sock superstar. Marta is picking up the habit after a vacation from it. It was a small group but for me very chatty and just relaxing. Its very odd to meet people from blog land post having read there blog. I am excited and hope to knit with them both again.

I have been working at two jobs for three days and I am all hyped but still tired. I can't seem to settle down and focus on any one thing. If you notice my post is all jumpy. I have been writing it since 3:00 pm and it is now 5:30.

Do people project there problems onto you? I don't know if this is just something that gravitates to me because of my job or because I have something in me. I am not talking friends I am talk out in out strangers. At work even when I talk to people about which department is in charge of that event they still look at me and talk to me as though I can do something.

hrm I should knit.
Be well.