Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Da blankie

Da baby Blankie for Mel's shower on the 6th
Here we see it laying in its natural surroundings. The basket.
Nice, quite, and just waiting for you to touch the baby soft yarn.
What you see a sharp object sticking out. You mean its not ready yet? Still on the needles.
The Hussy!
Next we see it sunbathing.
Calm your self. This is rated PG.
This is two thirds of it just hanging out by the work area.

Next we go up and close with the fan pattern.
Watch out it bites.

Wait its on vacation.
In my Locker.
What is happening here?
There is no Hula in here. Please move over this is my space.
NO silly Monkey you can't share my peanuts.
There is no happy dance this is serious blankie business.

Well while we are at the locker lets see what else is in this jungle.
O... The three inches of my WLD jacket.
The weird stuff is just waste cast on yarn.
Its a jungle in there I am sorry but the rest of you are not cleared to see ....

What lies beyond.
Whooo that was tough. Hang tight for tomorrow when we try and document the growth of the baby blankie. It should be a wild trip.
This is me signing off.
disregard all dates on pictures. They were changed to protect the innocent.


Anonymous said...

I would have never thought to use the feather and fan pattern for a blanket. But that's really nice! I have to make an afghan for my grandmother, which I am absolutely dreading doing, and I am thinking I should use that pattern too. Thanks for the idea!

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