Monday, November 22, 2004

Wicked Wishes

Well not but it sounded really cool in my head.

This has Been a whoorly wind day. I have not even got to talk with Sonny yet. I don't know where she is. But if I put my mind to it and think really hard maybe I will pass a vibe to her to call me. That timed with a couple messages should give a little hint to her that I am looking forward to seeing her.

ok on with the coolest stuff.

The bazaar is done and it was tons of fun. There was not to much traffic but it was fun. I would show you the great set up Becky had but I forgot to take a camera.

I got my yarn for the scarf swap. It is very nice tweedy wool. I have so many ideas now I just have to settle down on one. It is very earthy and soft. This should be a blast. If you have any great scarf ideas let me know.

Then I got this Fabulous package from my SP3, April. It has this wonderful Scrubby turtle and A great Joe Eskimo Vote t-shirt, pin, sticker. She also sent me some yummy mint foot soap and the worlds best card (this card is totally me...if I could be as wild) . I will have to scan it and show it but it is great. Thanks April. I still don't know who you are though, I think you posted about here. So I have been slowly going through the SP3 blogs to see if I can find you. mahh ahha hahh. Cause I want to see what you are about. Thank you a million.

What else came in the mail you ask.... um not the ebay stuff from this one seller who is slow and won't answer my email. I am going to give her negative feedback which I have never done before. But crap. I sent my money to her on the third. It is now the 22. Does that make me a bad person? She won't even answer my emails. I think that is rude.

Ermmm...Happy knitting.



Anonymous said...

Ebay - you either can love it or hate it. I hope your package arrives soon. Or maybe you paid by paypal and can get your money back. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

Thanks for letting me know that you like my shawl. I'm kinda liking it too. :)

Andrea >

Anonymous said...

I just put a card in the mail for you, but it won't get there before Thanksgiving. I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing day full of good friends and family and terrific knitting time. ~ sp3 >

Danielle said...

Thanks SP I hope you have a great Turkey day as well.

D >

Holly said...

Yikes. Here I am sitting on ebay, trying to decide if I should bid on something or not - that ends in 16 minutes, and while waiting, since ending time was 35 minutes away, I've been catching up on blog reading.

And I read your post about an ebay seller that hasn't sent your stuff yet.


hmmmm, should I bid, or not. Several identical items coming up in the next 10 hours, all cheaper right now, but you know how ebay is - everyone waits till the last 10 minutes to bid!

Hope your Thanksgiving was great! I'm still full - 4 1/2 hours later, but the pies are waiting...... :-) >