Sunday, November 07, 2004

Changes and stuff.

Well with the changes of the seasons I think my blog is going to change some too. So let me know what you like and what you don't. Please?

the knitting front is getting down and well I am trying to keep it clean but a certain one eyed dog keeps trying to sleep on it. Blankie is 1/6th to go.

Baby cardi has to be seamed and a collar added.

The WLD knit is four inches long and I have not got to work on it much.

The knit classes are going good. Several scarves have been finished and new ones started. They are all so cool and different.

I sent off three packages on Monday and I am anxious to see what the peeps thought of them. Then I have some more to send out tomorrow including my scarf swap yarn. I am excited about that.

Red Squares:

I think Lynn sent me one. But Now I can't find her envelope> This is the trouble when you are a perpetual mover. You never know where anything is even long after you have moved.

This is a shout out to Sleepy Monkey. Hi. :)


Annie said...

Hi Danielle! Blog template, I always find light on dark difficult to read (I have a really bad habit of touching my monitor when I'm showing people things). Otherwise, the only thing you might want to look at is toning the electric blue down a shade or two--it's almost luminescent on my monitor, and I can imagine that other folks will encounter the same issue. Looks great! >