Saturday, November 27, 2004

I am crabby

I am crabby and mean today. Sorry SMonkey. I loves you I am just crabby.

My hands hurt and I have nothing to take to make it go away.

I hope you all had a happy turkey day. Mine was nice. The bread was super good and the turkey very nice.

This made me wonder the other day.

A man with red hair and a trench coat was walking down the side of the road carrying a toilet plunger undo his arm.

My head keeps thinking that he is some kids potty knight. Defense of the plunger. Faster then drain o and quicker then the snake. He is the plunger dude. Ok my imagination gets to me. This red head may have like a super hero suit under the trench and he is just waiting for an evil villain to mess with him. Or maybe he is using it like a musical instrument. I have this random Memory from college where one of my friends got a plunger stuck to his forehead. I was not there for that part but he walked around with like a half moon suction cup bruise on his head and the story was retold over and over.

ahhhhh memories.

ok typing hurts my hands.