Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I know you think I am Dumb

I work in an office that at time caters to the needs of others.

I know you think I am dumb Silly Law students but....

Law students pay a lot of money to go to school. (This post does not apply to all Law students) I am sure they learn a lot of very important things but sometimes the really important things you don't gather from books or school. The golden rule applies to you even as an adult. Common sense and common courtesy don't have to be 30000 dollars a year in tuition. What you do in life does not mean that is the biggest thing you have ever done in life. As a person who has to serve others for a living does not mean I or anyone else in my office is dumb.

You silly Law student don't know my name, even though it is written on my shirt. You silly Law student did not take the time to listen to the information I gave you. You silly Law student were persistent and annoying. I was nice and gave you all the information you needed to get your mission accomplished. Did I do back Handspring for you ...No. Did I worry about you...Nope.

Now maybe it was pride that had you standing outside for 40 minutes. Then maybe it was pride again that had you standing in my office for another 45 min. Silly Law student if you had listened to me in the first five minutes of our conversation you would have been home by now. You did not. You insisted that you get a taxi home per the late bus. I arranged it for you. While you were in route to my office from your bus stop you missed the bus then while you were in my office you missed another bus. Silly Law students use the ears on your face and maybe you will be home in 20 minutes on the bus rather then 85 min just waiting for a cab then having to schlep around with two other strangers to an fro for another 30 min in a smoky damp cab. By the way I think the free way is closed which might detain you for another 10 - 20 minutes. Yes the cab ride was free but wouldn't if have been better to wait for a bus Five more minutes?

By the way you left your coffee mug in the office while you were waiting. I put it in lost and found.
By the way I am not dumb.
By the way the old guy has a degree in psy and is finishing his masters.
By the way the red head you talked abuts name is Liz its printed on her shirt.
She has a degree in theater, teaches dance, and is a actress in the area when she is not here.

So while you are at school and don't notice us other then to comment on our dumbness here are few more facts about us.

There are 11 of is in this office. Four hold degrees one holds two degrees. 6 are Dads. Two are students. Two have professional jobs away from this one. None of us define ourselves by the job we do. All of us know the names of the people who clean our office. We have helped save lives. We are the most diverse office in any of the three schools. We are not dumb.

Silly Law students I might not be in Law school but I know how to listen. I have different experiences that make me who I am. I have been at my job for a long time and I know how it works and the short cuts that make it run smooth. I am sorry silly Law students that you did not listen to me and tried to make me feel dumb but I get paid to listen to you and when this night is done I will be home in less then 30 minutes. I tried to help you. But you just shouted till you got your way.

Sorry silly Law student I hope your test tomorrow goes well. I hope you get to experience real life soon because if you keep wasting listening time you might never get to do the things you want to do in life. I know someday you will be a lawyer but might I remind you that Lawyers are people to. If you start introducing yourself as - Hi my name is Jennifer I am a Law Student- I might suggest you take up a hobby. But then again what do I know I am just the person who told you how to get home in 25 minutes and you chose to wait an hour and half for a cab.

By the way my name is Danielle and yes you may complain to my boss. He supports me in the decisions I make for you or a person in critical need.

I hope you have a better day tomorrow silly Law student.


Anonymous said...

I think that the Silly Law students are very lucky to have you in the office! I hope the rest of your week goes much more smoothly.
--sp3 >

Anonymous said...

I don't know what kind of office you work in, but I had to laugh at this post. I once worked for a smaller university in the College of Math & Science - lots of Pre-meds, lots of Algebra.

I had a sign in my office that read - "Our Cadaver Lab is Staffed with Seniors That Fail to Enroll Themselves in College Algebra"

I always loved the "but I need this class to graduate" sob-stories that we got on the last days to add/drop classes. Our standing comment was "You're a senior, you're allowed to enroll 3 months before the incoming freshman, you're not getting into a class today."

April >