Monday, October 11, 2004

I forgot... & deadlines

I forgot to share the wonderful card my SP3 sent me. Sorry pal I did not mean to forget you I just placed you on my mantel so I can see you every time I walk in and out the door.


Ok so I have been making 10x10 red Squares for a swap and I am not used to dead lines and I am failing. I still only have like 12. I need 30. They are not hard and follow no pattern I just can't focus on them. I would love a little help. If you want to help me I would first be really appreciative and secondly inclined to send you a pressie for your help. What the 10x10 Red are for??? The squares are mostly acrylic and when put together will make a rather large afghan that I hope to give to a family in need this Thanksgiving.

Thank you and happy knitting.