Sunday, October 24, 2004

look a knit along

White Lies Designs Knit Along

Joan McGowan-Michael is the owner and designer of these wonderful romantic knits. Visit her web site White Lies Designs to see her unique, vintage, and classic style patterns. You can also locate her patterns from several popular online stores, as well as Knitty. Find one you love and join us for a knit along starting in November.

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Deb said...

oooh I wish I had time! I will have to vicariously knit along with you. I have too much holiday knitting on my plate. I love the sweater you chose! I think a knit choker with crocheted flowers would be the perfect accessory:) Maybe I have time for that at least!
I will forward you a "Pretty Girls" flyer when they are made. There will be all kinds of good stuff there! >

ladydaria said...

OMG! I love the sweater! How do I get one. Please let me know via my main blog. >

ladydaria said...

Hit "Post" and realized I left the "a" out of my main website URL. >

Anonymous said...

i think that I will pass on the knit-along for now, but wanted to wish you a happy tuesday. watch your mail, i should have a package out to you by the end of the week. sp3 >

Anna said...

I love that pattern! I am going to buy myself a copy when I have the cash for it, don't think I have the nerve (or time with all my other projects) to knit along with it now though but I will be watching how yours comes out!

Not sure how it will look on me either btw, but I would love to be the kind of person that kind of thing looks great on! :o)

Anna >