Monday, October 04, 2004

How the wool turns

I don't know "HOW" the wool turns but it starts out like this for me. Pendleton wool on spool 10$ a pound.

The pink one is about a pound.

So I cast on for a little bag. For Sonny's cousin who was due one last month.

I also cast on for my Irish hiking scarf along project.

To see them race visit the current works page. So far the scarf is winning but you never know.

This is what I worked on during my knitting circle. Which had a wonderfully large turn out. I did not buy anything at LYS though...Not because I did not want to but because I need to know a few things about sock yarn first.

What are the important things to know about sock yarn?

Rant: ( warned)

Things that get me and a bit of polite queer talk.

"that's so gay" This is a derogative remark, its not nice. This girl came into my office today and that is all she could say. You don't go around saying "that is so straight" or "that is so African American". Why would you go around putting down gay people. If you don't know what it means why are you using it to describe something.

There is this radio commercial on my local radio station that says gays. I don't really care what they say it for but they are trying to make it sound as though a gay person is saying it or wrote it. But they say gays which you don't say straights..You say straight people.. Get your act together and add one more little word gay people.Or say LGBTQ which is a whole heck of a lot more peeps. Even in mass gay people are still NORMAL people. You can't put all gay people in a bottle and come out with any that are identical.

I don' t describe myself as gay. I am queer.

Rant Over:

Have a lovely night


FaerieLady said...

Good rant, and one that I agree with totally. -- Kae >

Shannon said...

What I know about sock yarn:
You really really want that little bit of nylon or polyester for good wear. 15-25%.
Wool is a favorite for many people because it still insulates when wet.
Unless the recipient is scrupulous about not throwing evertyhing in the washing machine choose a superwash blend.
The Lion Brand Magic Stripes is good, but the red on the one colorway bleeds when washed.
Ummm, that's all I can think of, hope it helps... >

rainbowjoule said...

Comment to an old post, but oh well.

I know what you mean by your rant. I have to do a group project for one of my classes with 5 other people, and they constantly describe things as being "gay". Even worse, one day we were just randomly talking and one of the girls mentioned how she was chatting to this other girl from our town and mentioned she was bi (the girl chatting, not the girl in my group). This sparked a small converstation that went something like:

"Well, there are a few of those people here."
*general agreement mutters*
"We even have a 'he-she' on campus."

This concluded with remarks of "he/she/it/shim". What makes it even wrose is I know someone on campus who is transgendered, possibly the one mentioned. I really wish I had walked out of the group then and asked the teacher for a different assignment. >