Saturday, October 30, 2004

Knit updates

Pictures in the future...

Hallowig - finished in a lovely shade of green. Plus a mini one in light pink for a co-workers daughter.

Irish Hiking Scarf - a little over half finished. The pattern is knit on 8's I am using 5's so its a little slow.

Red square swap is a little over half done. I only need 11 more and I have been doing about 2 a night. I had to learn to crochet in a square.

Lizards- all I have left is the body of one lizard.

Entrelac Hat- One more row.

Beaded finger-less gloves...Or barbie dresses????

Beaded bracelet needs to be bound off and a clasp added

Only a couple things to finish then on Monday the



10/31 When ordering from White Lies Designs mention the pattern or kit is for WLD knitalong and receive a discount.


Nancy said...

Thank you so much for the b-day ecard! I hadn't had the chance to get to your blog yet through the RAOK list (there's so many!), so I'm glad I know about you now. :-) >