Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sock down

I got myself a finished pair of socks....I just didn't take a picture. Its on the to do list.

But I did manage a little shopping...For yarn.

I finally made it to Abundant Yarn & Dyeworks. Tres cool and huge its massive and they have a large area for knitting and sipping. I will have to go back.... they were real nice to. Its always a plus. So where here is booty.

Wait that's not the right booty. That is what I have been spinning. Purty ain't it. Sharon see I told you it did not stay in fiber form for long. It made its self into some lace singles for a project yet to be determined. The other is some pink stuff I fluffed up and the colors is the project I navjo plyed using Donni's row row method... it turned out much less overspun. Once again I have spun something I don't know what it will become. But its pertty but very Easter eggish.

Trekking yarn....and some Prism yarn in a lovely lovely rainbow colorway. Socks and scarf. Or new pets.

They have some killer yarn and they have Gems which I really want to try. But first Trekking.


Donni said...

Glad it worked! >

Donna said...

Your yarns look gorgeous! I'm knitting with Trekking right now, it's lurvely! >