Friday, March 23, 2007

Lampwork Stitch Marker Bracelet

I don't know if these are really what people want. But I had a blast making them and hope to make some more. I love how different they are and the beads I got to use. They look good on too. Kind of like a charm bracelet only for stitch markers. I know some people don't like stitch markers but... I do. There also a challenge for me to keep them unique and flowing. Stitch Marker Bracelet

Either way I hope that other like them. I have an order to fill for a store and I am excited about it. Its small but that's ok.

The knitting is going good and I am going to take a class. Um yeah more for the company and cheering crowd. It has a couple new techniques that I am looking forward to.

Knit on!


marti said...

so inquiring minds really want to know what kind of knitting class you are taking! the bracelets are beautiful. (says the girl who still likes to carry the stitch markers you made her in her pocket just because they are so nice to look at!) >